Juliette's Movie Career Could Be in Trouble

Alright guys, I hate to be this person, but as much as I am so relieved that Avery is the father of Juliette's baby on Nashville and it's not the devil's spawn (aka Jeff Fordham's child), I am a bit worried about Juliette will announce this pregnancy. First Avery wouldn't talk to Juliette, except to yell at her, and now Juliette is hiding the pregnancy from her new movie producer bosses. This is not a sign a of great things to come. While the baby could eventually reunite Juliette and Avery, I'm starting to get just a tad anxious thinking about what hiding this pregnancy, that is almost certain to be revealed at the worst possible time, will do for our favorite young starlet's music and movie careers.

Now you may say, "But Keertana, that's not fair. Singers and actresses get pregnant all the time." That's very true, Bustle reader, but think about it this way. Juliette just got a job as Patsy Cline in the iconic singer's biopic and when asked if there were any complications she might have, Juliette replied that there was nothing important to mention. Now at the time, Juliette seemed convinced the baby was Jeff's and therefore was planning to get an abortion. However now that she knows it's Avery's, it seems that Juliette is continuing the pregnancy, which means that people will eventually find out about it. But if she doesn't disclose this information to the producers soon, there could an issue on all of their hands.

Juliette's music career doesn't worry me. She's made it through a shoplifting video and still put out hit songs relatively unscathed. Sure, Juliette's fans have been shown as being very religious, turning their backs on her when a video of her saying "there is no God" without the context was revealed, but I think Juliette can maintain her musical fame even though she is not married. If Juliette and Avery get back together in time, they could announce the news of the baby together and all fans will care about is the possibility of another country superstar wedding. If not, she can just spin a sympathy tale. Sure, some of her more extreme fans won't be too happy, but I think most people will continue to buy her albums.

But the movie career could be stalled. If Juliette could be upfront with the pregnancy to the major players on the project soon, the outcome would probably be a lot better than if she waits much longer to reveal it. The creative team could stick with their girl and film as much as possible while Juliette isn't showing. Or, because Patsy had two children before she died so young, maybe the film will have scenes from these pregnancies than she can film once she does begin showing. Perhaps being pregnant could give Juliette an emotional advantage while filming these moments. The creative team could even postpone the film if they believe in her enough and from previous episodes in Season 3, it seems like they really do think she's perfect.

The worst thing that could happen is that Juliette gets taken off of the movie. But she's probably still better off telling the producers soon. If she does tell the team and Noah that she's pregnant now, the most they'll do is be sad that she can't film and part ways amicably. They could even consider her for other parts in the future. It would be devastating for Juliette not to play the role she feels she was born to play, but at least she wouldn't be ruining her potential success in the business. If she waits until much more of the movie has been filmed and then suddenly starts showing and needs to stop shooting, though her personal life is not really any of their business, I don't think the people working on the film would be very happy.

In last Wednesday night's episode, Juliette came to Rayna for help on the situation. Let's hope Rayna, who also became pregnant with Maddie early into her career, can help Juliette announce the pregnancy in a way that keeps both her music and film careers in tact. Juliette has worked hard to get where she is today and doesn't deserve to have any of her success taken away from her.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; barkleyandbarnes/Tumblr