11 Wine-Inspired Decor Ideas, Because It's Always Wine O'Clock Somewhere

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You don't have to be Olivia Pope to enjoy a good glass of red wine, or its numerous health benefits, or its even more numerous decorating opportunities. That's right, wine lovers — I'm talking about wine-inspired home decor, a surprisingly popular niche market that deserves your undivided attention. Because we aren't just talking kitschy little wine charms or decorative, crocheted wine cozies. This is about showing your love in a big way — think wine-inspired prints, intoxicating throw pillows, and the most perfect set of stemless glasses I've ever seen in my life.

So whether you prefer red wine or white, a fruity shiraz or a classic merlot, it's time to uncork another bottle, and get ready to do some shopping. As Olivia Pope herself might say, when it comes to all your decorating needs, consider this situation handled.

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