'The Daily Show's Kristen Schaal Perfectly Satirizes The GOP's "Lady Vote" Campaign — VIDEO

Media pundits say women could make or break the upcoming midterm elections, and there's one party that needs all the help it can when it comes to attracting female voters. Fortunately, The Daily Show is here to help. During Wednesday night's broadcast, the ever-superb Kristen Schaal satirized the Republican Party's "lady vote" campaign, including the absurd "Say Yes to the Candidate" ads from the College Republican National Committee. Wedding-themed ads to motivate women to vote Republican? Yes, please!

Schaal, who serves as Jon Stewart's senior women's issues correspondent, delve into the GOP's new "rebranding" for women. "It's going so great, Jon," Schaal said, before diving into the heart of the matter:

Republicans have finally figured out what's most important to women: men folk! Women don't see candidates as potential leaders. We see them as possible soul mates, and Republicans are finally running ads to reflect that.

Cut to: A clip of the CRNC's previous women-centric ad, "The Candidate." Just like "The Bachelorette," but arguably worse for your brain. Yes, Rick the Republican is way dreamy, but as Stewart points out, "Women think elections are just about getting into a relationship?"

Well, no, of course not. We think about getting out of relationships, like the one we're in with President Barack Obama, apparently. (For reference: The distasteful ad portraying Obama as an abusive boyfriend, spying on your emails and forcing you to change your doctor.) "We gave Obama our heart, and all we got in return is this free birth control," Schaal says before pouring a bowl of birth control pills into her mouth.

The whole segment is spot-on hilarious, but perhaps the best part is when Schaal explains the "science" of women from the GOP perspective:

Face it: Republicans finally figured out women's brains works. Science shows that this part right here [pointing to her head] is devoted to thinking about relationships, and this small part here is bitchiness.

Of course, the segment ends poking fun at the "every girl's dream" ad, "Say Yes to the Candidate." Because every woman knows her perfect Rick Snyder or Rick Scott can be found at Kleinfeld's Bridal in New York. I think after watching this Daily Show segment we can all agree: Please, GOP, leave us women alone.Images: Getty Images, Comedy Central