This Toddler Is Either The Creepiest Kid Alive Or The Funniest (Either Way, We Can't Stop Watching This) — Video

We've seen our fair share of creepy kids in the media: Damien from The Omen , Regan from The Exorcist, Cole from The Sixth Sense , and Jayden Smith. We delighted in the scares they brought us, and in the undeniable intrigue they provided. But the latest creepy little rascal isn't from a major Hollywood film, or major Hollywood parents. Nay. This kid comes to us from the wonderland that is YouTube, and they want us to know one very important thing: they smell like beef.

Yes, you read that correctly. In this short-but-mighty video clip, a small child repeats in a guttural voice, "I smell like beef" over and over. And the video looks like it was shot by David Lynch. In fact, can someone please confirm that David Lynch isn't somehow involved in the production of this video (or involved in the production of this child?)

With Halloween coming up, I can't think of a more perfect video to include in your horror movie marathon than the "I Smell Like Beef" kid. And the best part is, it's as funny as it is creepy. Part of you is very, very scared for your immortal soul, but the other part is like, eh, it's just a kid! Are kids aware of how funny they are when they're creepy, and how creepy they are when they're funny? It's like a superpower. It's like when the little girl in Poltergeist says, "They're heeeeere!" Totally innocent and yet totally stomach turning at the same time. Seasonally appropriate superpower!

Watch the video for yourself, and maybe you can make sense of it all.

There are so many questions left unanswered:

  1. Why does this child smell like beef?
  2. Is this the only phrase they were taught to say?
  3. Is the child always going to smell like beef?
  4. Why is the child so darn happy about smelling like beef?
  5. How quickly are you going to make this your new ringtone?

Next time you close your eyes, try not to see this:

Images: Hallie Sutton/YouTube