Meet the 'Jane The Virgin' Cast of Soap Opera & CW Veterans Ready To Tackle the Telenovela Adaptation

What would you do if you were a virgin was was accidentally impregnated during a routine gynecological exam? That's the question that plagues our protagonist on the new CW series Jane the Virgin. Jane, a virgin whose boyfriend has been waiting for "it" for quite a while, accidentally gets knocked up — and it's not even her accident. The series, which is based on the telenovela Juana la Virgen, begs the question of what happens when your life suddenly becomes more dramatic than any soap.

You can tune into Jane the Virgin on The CW on Oct. 13, but first, meet the cast of the series that is more than qualified to handle the series' unique premise.

Image: Tyler Golden/The CW

by Kaitlin Reilly

Gina Rodriguez As Jane

Rodriguez’s character Jane is an aspiring teacher when she learns that she has become artificially (and accidentally) inseminated. The telenovela premise for Jane the Virgin is appropriate for Rodriguez’s first starring role — she had a 15-episode arc on soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful in 2011. Rodriguez was recently named one of the 35 Hottest Young Latinos in Entertainment by The Hollywood Reporter.

Image: JSquared/The CW

Brett Dier As Michael

Dier portrays Michael, faithful (and patient) boyfriend to Jane. You may recognize Dier as Ravenswood ’s Luke, or as Brandon on The CW’s tragically cancelled The L.A. Complex.

Image: JSquared/The CW

Ivone Coll as Alba

The actress has had a long career, starting with the role of Yolanda in The Godfather: Part II — certainly not the worse place to begin an acting career. You may also recognize Coll from her much more recent role as Adriana on ABC Family’s Switched at Birth or as Araya on MTV’s Teen Wolf.

Image: JSquared/The CW

Justin Baldoni as Rafael

The former Everwood actor also had a stint on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2010. He plays a sexy hotel manager whom Jane had a crush on — before she was accidentally impregnated with his sperm.

Image: JSquared/The CW

Yael Grobglas as Petra

Petra is Raphael’s wife and the person who was supposed to get impregnated with his sperm. Grobglas recently had an arc on The CW’s historical series Reign as Olivia.

Image: JSquared/The CW

Andrea Navedo as Xiomara

Xiomara is Jane’s “young at heart” mother, who also happened to have Jane young. Navedo has appeared on series like How To Make It In America, Law & Order, and soap operas Guiding Light and One Life To Live.

Image: JSquared/The CW