Choupette Lagerfeld Models For Car Calendar, Makes Our Ordinary Pets Look Pretty Lame

Move over, Gisele. There's a new model in town, and I have a feeling she just might be the it girl of 2014. But hold tight before you start scouring Pinterest for her street style inspiration, because she is actually a cat. Choupette Lagerfeld has booked a modeling campaign, posing for carmaker Opel's 2015 calendar which will help promote the German company's new Corsa model. And she's in good company; former models for Opel include Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, and Naomi Campbell. Talk about a meow-worthy pedigree.

After starring in a book and creating her own makeup line, the fashion feline has shown no signs of slowing down, making us all feel inferior about our conventional pets. For the campaign, Choupette was photographed by her famous father, Karl Lagerfeld, gazing into the car's rear-view mirror, pouncing on the hood, and holding her paws on the steering wheel. Opel had felt the "girl-on-car" look was a bit overdone, so they went in a new direction and turned to Choupette. And she was every bit the professional. "Choupette did a great job — just as I would expect from a star...she was by no means tense," Lagerfeld said. But being a star is hard work, so Choupette had to take a twelve hour cat-nap after the shoot. C'est la vie.

So, super-models out, cute pets in. And if Choupette's rising star ever renders her unavailable for a booking, I have a maltese named Penny who will-work-for-food. Just saying...

Images: Getty Images (1); womensweardaily/Twitter, Vrele_Gume/Twitter