Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's Cat, And Shu Uemura Set The Stage For Flawlessly Feline Holiday 2014 Beauty — See The Whole Collection Here

Meow! Karl Lagerfeld's cat Choupette is almost as famous as her owner's silver hair and his leather fingerless gloves. Choupette is the face of shu uemura's Art of Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection. And, let me tell you, if you are a cat lady, an Arianator that likes Ariana Grande's cat-like style, or just love things that are so pretty it hurts, then you will be crushing like Twihards on Robert Pattinson over these dozen-plus, luxurious items that comprise the limited edition Shupette by Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura collection.

Forget red lips, silver glitter, tinsel, Santa hats, and all the other obvious, standard, and booooring ephemera of the holiday season. These. These are all you need. PS: You can score all these products starting October 15 at

Images: Siren PR/shu uemura

Eye-Need-Shu Trio (Parisienne Chic)

This palette gives new meaning to cat eyes. Really.

Eye-Need Shu Liner (Midnight Black)

The pawprints on the pencil made me totally oblivious to the pencil color. The packaging is actually too cute and almost to the range’s detriment. I said “almost.”

Pampearl-Me Face Powder

You know you need that shimmery, gloriously wintry glow and gleam!

Furry Fantasy Premium False Eyelash

Packaging is everything. This is like the eye equivalent of Cinderella’s glass slipper nestled in a pouch.

These Are Better Than J. Lo's Fox Fur Lashes

Pink! Black! Furry! TDF x 2.

Eye-Need-Shu False Eyelash

Again, again with the packaging. It gets me every time.

Fierce Feline Lashes

Forget trying to perfect the cat-eye flick. Just use these.

Eye-Need-Shu Trio (Tokyo Kawaii)

Did I mention there is something for everyone with this set? All the shades are universally flattering.

Rouge Bonbon Fantasy Trio (Tokyo Kawaii)

We have established that the packaging is keepsake-worthy. But even the names are delightful and whisical.

Rouge Bonbon Fantasy Trio (Parisienne Chic)

Pick your pretty poison, ladies. And there are still more items to see.

Eye-Need-Shu Liner (Gala Brown)

The eyes have it. Cats are cherished and celebrated for their eyes.

Fabulous Cat Nail Enamel (Bronze)

Don’t forget the bronzer. Not on your face or arms and legs, but for your mani or pedi.

Fabulous Cat Nail Enamel (Silver )

Gold is so boring when you can be all glittery and silvery.

My Precious Glitter Set

Karl and Choupette aren’t talking about Lord of the Rings. Glitter is so holiday appropriate.

Shupette’s Flair Eyelash Curler

The brand’s most beloved cult product is its eyelash curler, so of course this collection had to include one, with a blingy assist from Choupette.

Shupette's Makeup Trunk

Okay, so this case clocks in at $400 so it’s an investment and proof that whoever gives it to you this holiday season loves you, but it’s also a reason to get and to stay organized. AmIrightoramIright?

Need More Proof Of The Makeup Trunk's Awesomeness?

Here’s the exterior. ‘Nuff said.

With-Love-From-Paris Brush Set

Even your tools need to travel in style. No matter how much you spend on your cosmetics, it all comes down to the proper tools.

Ultime8 Cleansing Oil

Who wouldn’t want this on their vanity and on their washcloth?

Silk Cushion Cheek (Salmon Pink)

Ready for that just-kissed flush?

Silk Cushion Cheek (Orange)

Ready for that just-kissed flush…again?