How to Throw Your Own 'Mean Girls' Bachelorette Party That's So Fetch

If you're looking for a grool idea for a bachelorette party, look no further than Tina Fey's opus Mean Girls and all its amazing, quotable glory. If ever there was a time to rap out Kevin Gnapoor's lyrics, pig out on Kalteen bars, and proudly sport your North Shore mathletes jacket, it's now — and at the very least, it's a chance to quote the greatest movie of all time all night long as you celebrate girl world with your ride-or-die beeyotches.

I planned one of these out for my sister's bachelorette, and I don't mean to brag or anything, but it was so fetch. Here's how to throw a Plastics-approved party yourself.

Image: Paramount

by Georgette Eva

Get in Loser, You're Invited

Off the bat, you know it’s going to be fetch. I designed the invite on my computer and sent it out as an e-mail invite, but I really think anything pink and black or with Regina George calling you a loser on it will get the idea across.

Image: Georgette Eva

Don't Go Against the Rules, Or You Can't Sit With Us

I needed everyone to be game, and setting a few rules seemed very much in the vein of the Plastics anyway.

Image: Georgette Eva

Make a Burn Book to let it All Out

I bought a black Composition notebook and craft paper to design my own Burn Book for the table. Inside were photos from the movie with some of the hilariously mean Burn Book quotes, but rather than having everyone write burn messages, I wrote on the front page for guests to give the Bachelorette of the evening some marriage advice instead.

Pro tip: Also find awkward pics of the bride-to-be with her friends from middle school.

Image: Georgette Eva

I Try to Make Fetch Happen with Signs

Mean Girls is an extremely quotable movie. I think I’ve spent many an hour riffing from one random quote to another with other fans, and I figured the best way to incorporate these classic one-liners into a party setting would be with photobooth-esque cut outs. I wrote some favorites on poster board, and cut them out in the shape of speech bubbles to put on the table at dinner.

Yes, that is Ben Franklin with a pink plastic tiara on my bookshelf.

Image: Georgette Eva

Candy Grams in Giveaways because You Go Glen Coco!

Candy grams, plastic tiaras for all, Kalteen bars (a.k.a. granola bars with handmade labels), and anything pink worked well in giveaways and doubled as snacks as the night wore on. I stuffed everything in pink plastic travel mugs to decorate the table at dinner.

Pro tip: Try to find peppermint lotion, because Aaron Samuels loved that foot cream on Regina’s face.

Image: Georgette Eva

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

At dinner, I decorated the table with the pink mugs filled with giveaways and the poster quotes. The ladies played along swimmingly: deciding who was Regina and who was Gretchen in high school, writing in the Burn Book, and wearing pink. Those who didn’t could still sit with us though. We weren’t going to personally victimize anyone like Regina George.

That’s my face by the way.

Image: Georgette Eva