Make Your Halloween Costume At Urban Outfitters

You probably shop at Urban Outfitters for the awesome clothes that are decidedly faux vintage but still super cool. That is, UO apparel looks thrifted, lived in, and from other eras, but it's not. The threads are also way hip and fashionable — oh, and they're perfect for Halloween. That's right. You can (and should) assemble your totally awesome Halloween costume at Urban Outfitters. The retailer has plenty of Halloween-inspired pieces of clothing that are way more on-trend than the commercially designed garb that fills the racks at Party City or Halloween superstores. Urban Outfitters costumes are way more, uh, minimalist and more subtle than that, but they'll still do the trick if you're looking for an affordable Halloween costume and don't have time to do a ton of shopping.

Want to be a unicorn? A hipster cat? A googly-eyed grunge kid? Well, you are in luck, my friend, because Urban Outfitters has plenty of pieces that make Halloween costume assembly trendy and simple. You can nab the Halloween-specific pieces, and then pile on accessories and other items from the store for a cooler-than-anyone-else-in-the-room ensemble that's never too obvious. You may be cool, but you are never, ever too cool to dress up for Halloween.


I don't believe it when people tell me that unicorns aren't real. You can prove 'em wrong by dressing up as the supposedly mythical creature. The huge appendage sprouting from your head ($12, is the real show-stopper here, so you can keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple.

Add a furry coat ($149, and rock on with your badass, unicorn self.


OMG, you guys! Cute, right? Since your face serves as the cat's head via this shirt ($29,, you might want to add some cat ears, Ariana Grande style.

These are super cheap and cute ($7,, and since Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic are in most malls, you can put this costume together in one fell swoop.

Cat-eye shades ($5, and a pair of black leggings, which should live in your closet or in your dresser drawers, will complete this look.


If you don't want to put too much thought into a costume but still want to look like you put some effort in, be something that doesn't really exist, like a googly-eyed grunge kid. The glasses are fun, and will definitely mess with people ($13,

This flannel tunic ($59, is both throwback-ish in a '90s sense, but it's long, so you can go without pants, like Lady Gaga is known to do.

Add a beanie ($24, for another hip and modern touch. Bonus tip: You can look cute and make literal googly eyes at your crush all night. You can also say you're a crush, and that you make googly eyes at the object of your affection. Originality, people!


Casper was the friendly ghost of the cartoon world, and this adorbs ghost tee ($29, is so much more fun than a sheet with holes cut in it for eyes.

White skinny jeans ($30, will keep you in the spirit.

A billowy white hoodie ($34, from the men's department contributes to your overall flowing, apparitional look. Plus, you need it to conceal your hair since ghosts ain't got none of that.

Finish with pristine white bo-bo sneakers ($19,, and I guarantee you are the cutest ghostly creature in the room.


This shirt looks like a giant X-ray turned into a ribcage graphic tee ($28,, and it's almost an optical illusion, which is good, since more eyes will be on you and your awesomeness.

A pair of shredded black skinnies ($88, fits the motif.

Get literal with some skull socks ($20,, too. This outfit is actually trendy and might not look overly costume-y, but such is the cash when Halloween shopping at Urban Outfitters.

Images: Urban Outfitters (14); Hot Topic (1)