How To Make Your Own Kardashian Pilgramage

Life isn't all play when you're a Kardashian — even when you're living in a Hamptons mansion for the summer. The latest Kardashian spinoff series, Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons will premiere in November on E!, but why did they decide to spend their summer on the East Coast in the first place? Enter the new Dash location, because even devoted Dash Dolls and Keeping Up With The Kardashians super-fans spend summers in the Hamptons. Summer might be over, but the Dash Southhampton location is still open.

Sure, the latest KUWTK spinoff has plenty of things going for it already — Khloe and French Montana's relationship, Kourtney's pregnancy, Scott going off the rails again — but, at its core, there's the Dash store. Honestly, I hope the Kardashians keep opening Dash stores all over the world just so Kourtney and Khloe can continue to make these spinoffs. Because no one can deny that Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami is the best thing to come out of Ryan Seacrest's evil genius reality TV mind in the history of his partnership with the Kardashians.

I'm a little biased — Kourtney is absolutely my favorite Kardashian of all — but when she and Khloe get together, especially when there are cute Disick babies involved, they are comedy gold. GOLD, I tell you. With that being said, KKTTH is going to be amazing and the best way to celebrate its perfection might be to make a pilgrimage to the new Southhampton Dash location. Because I mean, that's at least part of the reason why this series is happening in the first place.

So, where is it?

The store, which apparently opened way back in June (wow, you bad Kardashian fan — I can't believe you haven't been there yet), is located on Jobs Lane, right down the street from Vineyard Vines. Perfect, placement, right? So get a move on, Kardashian fans.