Demi Made Barbie Pink Actually Look Cool

For some strange reason, Barbie fashion is having a real moment right now. As in, adult women are into dressing like Barbie. I'd blame it on Moschino's "Think Pink" fashion show during Milan Fashion Week, but it actually started before then with mainstream retailers releasing Barbie capsule collections for, yes, adult women. I remain skeptical that full-on Barbie chic should really be a thing, but perhaps the ultra-pink element can work. Case in point: Demi Lovato wore a hot pink crop top and skirt combo that was totally sophisticated and awesome.

The singer rocked this Phillip Armstrong-designed co-ord in a classic shade of Barbie pink to the Vevo Certified FanFest in Santa Monica. Like most outfits she wears, it was actually kind of edgy. The outfit's clean silhouette paired bold black accessories helped with that, as did Lovato's crazy, sexy, cool asymmetrical blue haircut. Can this girl do anything wrong when it comes to getting dressed? The correct answer to that question is an obvious "NO."

I'm continually amazed by Lovato's ability to look both ultra girly and cool as heck. I think her boundary-pushing hairstyles help. It's hard to come across as juvenile or plain when you're rocking multi-colored strands and half-shaved head, you know? These are the things we need to consider when looking toward childhood toys for outfit inspiration. Tough accessories and badass hair will definitely prevent you from looking too cutesy. Here's your Barbie style cheat-sheet: