Abercrombie And Lucy Hale Launch New Anti-Bullying Campaign, Along With Some Seriously Cool Graphic Tees

Abercrombie and Fitch has definitely seen its share of scandals. (Just see here.) It hasn't been ideal, but the brand is determined to show everyone that they aren't the bad guys some people have been making them out to be. Proving to their critics that the company is not at all in support of exclusionary practices, Abercrombie and Fitch created their own anti-bullying campaign, "Are You An Ally?"

To make things even better, the campaign is actually pretty cool, with a 20-minute video featuring PLL's Lucy Hale that’s going to be released to over 10,000 middle and high schools all over the country. A&F is also starting an anti-bullying scholarship program, plus a line of graphic tees featuring anti-bullying messages are making their way into A&F stores. Mike Jeffries, A&F's CEO, insists that the brand hasn't be oblivious to all the negative press, and looks forward to being a positive voice in the anti-bullying community. "[N]o young person should ever feel intimidated, especially at school, whether for the clothes they wear or because someone perceives them as different," Jeffries said in a press release.

Even cooler than the shirts themselves? 100 percent of the proceeds are going directly to anti-bullying efforts, specifically the nonprofit organization No Bully. 100 percent. Definitely sounds like good old Abercrombie is making some positive strides to me. Out with the old controversies and sexist tees. In with making a difference and feel good vibes. Kudos, guys.

Images: Abercrombie.com; YouTube