15 Essential Ingredients You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen

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For some of us, grocery shopping can be a struggle. It’s easy to skip over making any kind of shopping list and instead choose to just wing it, and with markets like Trader Joe’s (and its frozen bags of garlic fries, prepped lasagnas, and caramelized onion feta pastry bites), it’s pretty hard not to pick up a few pre-made meals or frozen entrees that simply require you to turn on the oven. But hear me out for a second, because as much as I love a good pre-marinated skirt steak, eventually my palate is going to want to try something new — and that’s why it’s important to keep a few essential kitchen ingredients on hand for when you feel like whipping up something truly delicious.

The following 15 ingredients will up your recipe game from basic to beyond noteworthy. Whether you're a meat-lover, veggie-addict, carb-fanatic, or simply love a little bit of everything, these essentials will offer you options when it comes to adding flavor to whatever you just picked up from the grocery market. So say goodbye to store-prepped foods — it's time to get cooking.

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