13 Red Velvet Recipes That Prove Some Things In This World Really Are Perfect

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Forget red cups. This holiday season, I'd rather have red velvet cake. There’s something luxurious and mysterious about red velvet — something that manages to transcend the standards set by traditional flavors like chocolate or vanilla and make us feel like we’re indulging in something truly decadent, something rich, something against the rules.

There's also something about red velvet that seems like it shouldn't make sense... can a batter that vibrant really be trusted? And yet, it all comes together beautifully to form a host of desserts that can only be described as velvety rich works of art. Add cream cheese frosting or silky fudge, mix it into cookies, cakes, and brownies, or slurp it up in milkshake form. No matter how you choose to eat red velvet, this is one batter you need to get behind.

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