Baby Dies After Being Left Alone For 16 Hours While Parents Get Drunk, The World Is Still Terrible

On Thursday night, scumbag (fine, alleged scumbag) parents Adam and Jasmyne Alexander were charged with felony neglect when their 9-month old daughter, Avarice, died in her crib after being left there alone for 16 hours. According to The Daily Mail, the Alexanders put Avarice to sleep at 8:30pm on Saturday evening, started drinking, and didn’t check up on her until Sunday afternoon. Since Avarice was already suffering from breathing problems (which, I might add, her parents did nothing about – the baby girl had not been to a doctor in 7 months, aka, most of her short life), and Parents of The Year put her to sleep on her tummy, it’s possible that she suffocated to death.

Here's the thing: I don't have kids, and as such, am fairly opposed to criticizing other people's parenting skills. Who am I to judge? Honestly, who is anyone to judge? 99% of the time, I am fairly confident that even the sloppiest of humans have the innate ability to raise a child. Normally, parents have the overwhelming capacity to care for and love their children, no matter what. These characteristics are one of the markers of humanity. You know, being able to keep your own baby alive and well. But then sometimes, that 1% of the time, I witness parenthood go totally awry. And I’m not talking about letting your kid scream his brains out at the grocery store, or giving your baby Pepsi (although, seriously, don’t do that.) I’m talking about straight up negligence that makes me wish every person had to pass a test before they are allowed to keep their baby. But as it stands, everyone has the right to make a child, which is generally something I support but uggghhhhh stories like this one, you guys. It hurts too much that things like this happen.

Also, they named their daughter "Avarice", which is a total non-name meaning "extreme greed". Cool choices, bros.

The day after Avarice was pronounced dead, someone named Mia (who claims to be the baby’s aunt) set up an account on GoFundMe to fund a funeral for the little girl. The page (which still exists) explains the girl's aunt is "...trying to raise money for [the] burial and any gift would help.” Supposedly any leftover money would be donated to SIDS research, since that is what the GoFundMe page claimed took Avarice’s life.

“Mia” later added, “Even if the baby did not pass from SIDS I will still donate the remaining fund money because that is what I stated I would do. Please do no [sic] criticize me I have all the right intentions & I loved my niece dearly :’( The parents have no access to any of the online donations that have been made here.” Somehow, I have my doubts. Truly though, if the GoFundMe account is indeed run by her aunt, I hope Avarice has an adequate funeral. And that the money doesn’t go toward – oh, I don’t know – the Alexanders' $10,000 bail.

Images: thatonechickjaz/Instagram(2); GoFundMe; Virginia DOJ