This cover of "Imagine" is adorable

Sunday is for basically designed for wasting time finding random videos on the Internet, right? Right. For today’s Internet weirdness, I bring you: Guy with Skrillex Hair Plays “Imagine” on His Ukulele While Whistling and Spinning a Plate. Because, why not? While this video is every shade of "trying way, way too hard", and we are somewhat inclined to hate this guy as a result, there is no denying that there are many enjoyable things about video that deserve a little love. Such as:

1. He’s seriously balancing a plate on his ukulele

Of course dude can’t just play the ukulele, which already earns him like five thousand points in quirkdom. He has to play the ukulele while balancing a pink (and hopefully plastic) plate on a yellow straw thing (what is that thing?) How is he doing that? I’m intrigued, but I’m also upset that I don’t understand.

2. He’s playing “Imagine”

Which I guess makes sense since this guy totally looks like he drives a Volkswagen truck spray-painted with rainbow peace signs and covered in stickers that say “Make Love Not War.” Am I stereotyping? Yes. But I mean, he also looks unshowered. I don't feel like I'm too far off base.

3. His apartment looks pretty nice

Sorry. This doesn’t have to do with anything at all. I just always think it’s interesting when people film themselves in their houses. Seeing someone's domestic environment is so personal and telling. Do you think that black and white circle art to the right is his? Or maybe his mom gave it to him? Or perhaps a girlfriend decided to buy it for him and he hates it, but he keeps it there anyway because he loves her. We will never know.

4. His slide whistle

I remember slide whistles were all the rage in 2nd grade music class. We all got one, and I promptly lost mine after three days of ownership because I was just that awesome. But wait, really, why does he have a slide whistle? And by that I mean, why don't I also have a slide whistle?

5. He genuinely looks happy

And it actually makes me feel more happy. So thank you for that, weird dude.

Although I posed more questions than answers, maybe it’s for the best. Let’s let Internet videos be Internet videos.

Image: Getty Images