This Little Boy Is A Tiny Diva And He Knows It

Sometimes, when we know we’re being filmed, our glamorous comes out a little more intensely. For example, sometimes when I'm out shopping and notice myself on the security camera, I’ll check myself out and maybe strike a subtle, harmless pose. I mean, it’s not every day I’m on TV, you know? The kid in this video knows what we're talking about. During whatever exciting, monumental event is being recorded here, a bunch of kids are jumping up and down and screaming in glee and reckless abandon – but little dude in the center has clearly figured out this may be his one opportunity to really MAKE IT, and he is not wasting a minute of his moment.

He locks eyes with the camera and it. is. on. He shakes his hips, romantically places his hands on his heart like a true 90s pop star, and thrusts his head back in a very melodramatic fashion. Boy is fierce, and he knows it. He must have taken lessons from Queen Tyra Banks, because he is posing with his eyes for SURE (and every other part of his body.) For one second, he even sneers at the simpletons who dare breathe the same air as him. These plebeians. commoners. They don’t deserve the spotlight. They don’t know how to work it. UGH.

But the show must go on. This kid gets right back into his groove like nothing even happened, showing America just what he’s capable of.

Images: Getty Images