19 Times You Embodied The Sanderson Sisters

by Caitlyn Callegari

Oh, Hocus Pocus. How you do us so right, at any age. The movie may have premiered 21 years ago (WHOA, I know), but its underlying themes are still topical and pertinent. And by "underlying themes," I don't mean the whole brother-sister eternal sibling bond stuff they were trying to feed us with the Thackery and Emily and Max and Dani storylines. Everyone knows that it's perfectly normal and acceptable to hate your siblings until both old enough to share a beer and lament together. What I'm referring to is the eerily relatable Sanderson Sisters' and their genuine misanthropy and general discomfort with the state of affairs. And how their subliminal commentary still applies to just about anything and everything we feel today.

Yeah, I suppose there should be something disconcerting about so closely relating to a trio of centuries-old witches, but eh, whatevs. We R Who We R, right Kesha? Well, besides the whole "prepping to cook children for a hearty meal" thing. Definitely not that. But, it can't be too odd to feel this way if there's a BuzzFeed quiz to determine which sister you are. At least, that's how I reconcile it.

So check out all the ways you're just like the Sanderson sisters.

Attending Your First Post-Grad Happy Hour

You may have felt ancient as a college senior, but you're an infant in comparison to the rest of the working world. HUZZAH!

Reacting To An Unwelcome Suitor

If only my hands could actually shoot tasers.

Trying To Navigate Through A Crowd At Rush Hour


When Someone Brings Guacamole To Your Potluck Dinner

Because you sure as hell don't know how to pick a ripe avocado yet.

After Getting Your Hair Blown Out

Is this what it's like to be a celebrity? This must be what it's like to be a celebrity.

Figuring Out Your Brunch Options

After so much deliberation ... jubilation!

Unsuspectingly Ordering Pizza In Your PJs And Getting A Really Hot Delivery Person

Ugh, now you have to justify yourself.

Running Into People You Went To High School With

Is there a worse fate?

When You Open The Oven And Your Brownies Are Done

And the light from Heaven shines through the oven door.

Getting Wild At The Club With The Gals

"Dance like no one is watching." — Everyone on Instagram, ever.

Making Small Talk With Your Gynecologist

I'm trying to be a mature adult — really trying — but please just do this and pretend like neither of us actually exist.

When You Expertly Jump To A Search Term In An Online Textbook

You're no match for me, Midterm Study Sheet.

Trying To Explain The Simple Directions To Your New Place


Trying To Do A Pinterest "30-Day" Workout

Yeah ... yep ... nope.

When Your Roommates/Parents Go Away For The Weekend

*Replicates the music video to "White Houses" by Vanessa Carlton*

When You Have Physical Evidence To Prove Someone Wrong In An Argument


Side-Eyeing A Catcaller

Ugh, gross.

When The Starbucks Barista Skips Your Order And Your Friend Tries To Diffuse The Situation

And you're already late for work. AGAIN.

When Your Friend Unearths Your Humiliating Facebook Pictures From Freshman Year

What do they say? Ah yes: "The Devil's handiwork."

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