Her Next Project Is a First For Her

by Kadeen Griffiths

By the end of 2015, Katie Holmes is going to be an award winner. You know, of an Oscar or an Emmy. Between building her resume with films of the Weinstein Company variety to padding it with more projects than she's done in a long while, Holmes is making quite a return to the film industry after her divorce from Tom Cruise. What's next on her plate? She's stepping back into the shoes of an incredibly iconic figure. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Holmes will be reprising her role as Jackie Kennedy in The Kennedys: After Camelot, a sequel to the Emmy Award winning 2011 mini-series.

The Kennedys was a huge success when it came out, being nominated for 10 Emmys and going home with four of them. None of them went to Holmes specifically, but this could be her chance to change that. After all, not only is she playing Jackie Kennedy again, but she's also executive producing the sequel and directing one of the four episodes. After Camelot will be her TV directing debut and marks another step in her return to television. Essentially, what we're witnessing with the news that Holmes has signed on for this project is a new Katie Holmes. Or maybe a return to the old Katie Holmes.

Like so many celebrities before her — Matthew McConaughey comes immediately to mind — she is working on her triumphant comeback. With as many projects as Holmes has on the horizon, something has got to stick and launch her back into the superstardom that she enjoyed back in her Dawson's Creek years. And, even if it doesn't, then at least her name is back out there as one of the actresses to watch. This next year will truly define who Holmes is as an actress and business woman, allowing people to give her a second consideration when it comes to the decision of whether or not to call themselves a fan of hers.

She transformed herself to play Miss Meadows in the recently released trailer, she made her first-time feature film directorial debut with All We Had, and she's pretty much establishing herself as a powerhouse. She's going to be the next celebrity to go through a revival and even if her career never reaches the heights it was once at then at least she'll have a lot of critically-acclaimed and celebrated projects under her belt. Of course, with the number of presumably Oscar-worthy projects that Holmes has been filming, there's a good chance we might just see her walking away with a win as early as next year's ceremony. If not, then at least she has a body of work that she can be proud of. Holmes' strategy is a win/win.

Image: xelamanrique/Tumblr