Katie Holmes Signs On For 'Woman in Gold' Because This is Her Year, You Guys

We haven't heard much from Katie Holmes, at least not on the big screen. It's been a long time since we looked at Holmes and thought of darling Joey Potter from Dawson's Creek and in that time Holmes has failed to capture the same acclaim that she had prior to her marriage to Tom Cruise. It's hard to believe that there was once a time that Katie Holmes was considered a big up and comer, but it appears that time might be right around the corner again. Katie Holmes has joined The Weinstein Company's Woman in Gold and, considering what The Weinstein Company is best known for, this could be all the evidence we need that Holmes is prepared to make a huge comeback.

Currently, Holmes has three films in development for the first time since she appeared in Jack and Jill back in 2011. All of these films are much heavier, more intense dramas, although admittedly it's not hard to find a classier film than Jack and Jill (or most of Adam Sandler's movies). She appeared in the indie drama Days and Nights, which premiered at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and followed a family who came together and was torn apart over the course of a disastrous weekend. Next up was Mania Days, an upcoming romantic drama which tells the story of two manic depressives who meet in a psychiatric hospital and begin a romance. Finally, Holmes will be appearing in The Giver, a book-to-film adaptation so highly anticipated that it doesn't even need summarizing again.

Considering her last movie before signing on to all of these was something like Jack and Jill, it feels like Holmes is looking to completely revamp her career. Her last attempt occured with the television show The Kennedys in 2011 which lasted only eight episodes, but now it appears that Holmes is ready to try again. The chances are good that her performance in Woman in Black combined with The Weinstein Company's usual Oscar magic is enough to finally earn Holmes an Academy Award and thus finally establish her as a future movie star.

In fact, there are a lot of reasons why now might be the best time for Katie Holmes to attempt her comeback.

She's Starring with Heavy Hitters

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Katie Holmes is far from the only big name in Woman in Gold's cast. Tatiana Maslany is a current critical darling for her multi-role performance on Orphan Black. Ryan Reynolds is another struggling actor in desperate need of a career boost. Best of all, Woman in Gold will also feature Helen Mirren, who won an Oscar of her own for her role in The Weinstein Company's film The Queen. If Holmes is looking for critical acclaim and career redemption, then she's in good company with the rest of the cast.

She's Left the Drama in the Past

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Let's be honest. When Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were still a thing, we were all kind of worried about her. The Scientology thing alone was enough to give me some pause. However, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been divorced for two years now and the drama and fallout from that appears to have faded. Now Holmes has nothing to distract her from throwing herself back into her career and taking care of her adorable daughter, Suri.

She Joined Social Media

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Holmes is notoriously private, perhaps even more so than Beyoncé or Johnny Depp have ever been in their day, so the news that Katie Holmes joined Twitter caused quite a stir. Her tweets are about as infrequent as you would expect, but just the fact that she took the first step to reconnect with her fans and put herself out there on her own terms could work in her favor during her comeback.

She's Building Her Base

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Instead of immediately throwing herself into the lion's den of film criticism, Holmes has done a series of dramatic films that are all on the way. Anyone who doubts that she has what it takes to comeback as a dramatic actress will have a wider variety of movies to judge her on rather than Holmes having put all of her eggs in the Weinstein Company's basket. The more of these dramas she does, the better she'll get at them until we won't be able to doubt her acting chops at all.

She Never Gives Up

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Holmes' career has had its ups and downs from the start. She started out as a television star and since then she's done everything from film roles to Broadway, most of which she did without ever really seeming to pop. Every time she gains critical acclaim, it seems to fade rather than being the first of many. However, none of her setbacks have stopped Holmes from continuing to aim high and who doesn't want to root for the underdog?