Ursula Halloween Makeup To Help You Steal Voices

When I was younger, The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie. But not because of Ariel... I thought she was kind of lame. But that Ursula though. Yes, yes I know she's the antagonist, but she's a pretty awesome villain. Besides, it's not like I rooted for her or anything... Let's look at some of the ways Ursula was a badass, shall we?

First of all, she knows magic. So she can basically do whatever the eff she wants anyway. She's also pretty honest for a villain. Maybe she's a little misleading about why she helps people, but she does help them in the way they ask. AND she informs her clients about the consequences of working with her. Ursula also lets Ariel know what losing her voice will really mean as her form of payment. She doesn't sugarcoat anything, and even gives Ariel suggestions for how to communicate without her voice. So basically, Ursula is just an effective businesswoman.

Plus her makeup is always on point. Seriously, how does she get that perfect red lip so quickly? I must learn her ways.

Here's what you'll need to transform into everybody's favorite sea sorceress, for Halloween or any other time you want to feel a little wicked:

  • White face makeup
  • Purple face makeup (optional)
  • Purple eyeshadow
  • Blue eyeshadow
  • Blue eyeliner
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Red lipstick or gloss
  • False eyelashes

The Base

Start off by concealing your eyebrows and applying a white or lavender (mix white and purple) base all over your face.

The Colors

Contour your cheeks, chin, and forehead; and darken the sides of your nose with a purple shadow. Trace out exaggerated eyelid areas above your eyes and fill them in with blue eyeshadow.

The Details

Trace the eyelids you created with a darker blue eyeliner. This will serve as the crease. Using a black eyeliner, draw on your evil, arched brows. Line your eyes with a liquid liner, doing a dramatic wing on the upper lash-line, and draw on a couple of thicker lashes on your outer, lower lash-line if you don't want to apply bottom-lash falsies.

Apply a shiny, red lipstick (or gloss), overdrawing the corners for a sinister smile. Finish off the look by drawing a mole under the lips and applying a pair of falsies. Now all you need is a LBD, and you're ready to go steal some voices.

Images: Miki Hayes (3); Giphy (1)