11 Cozy, Chai-Spiced Recipes Because This Pumpkin Thing Is Too Much

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I’ve just about had it with fall. The past few months have been one long apple-picking, cider-brewing, pumpkin-eating love fest — but enough is enough. If you’re like me and are one decorative gourd away from losing it, allow me to introduce your new best friend: Chai-spiced everything.

But first things first. What the heck is chai, anyway? Technically, it translates from Hindi as “tea” — any kind of tea, although it’s best known as that cozy masala of spices. You know the one: It’s got a little cardamom and a whole lot of cinnamon, plus some cloves and ginger, which pretty much make chai the mother lode of fall flavors. So this season, let’s do it justice. Because chai deserves more than a latte, we’ll turn it into the breakfast of champions, from scones to French toast. And then, we go rogue. We’ll make lemonade, ice cream, and rice pudding — all infused with those magical, slow-burning spices that warm you up from the inside out. Move over, Starbucks. We got this one covered.

Image: Cookie and Kate

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