Cat Lovers Will Freak Out Over This New App

If your cat obsession isn’t satisfied by feline-inspired listicles or following Grumpy Cat on Instagram, new app Tag A Cat is here to help. That's right, cat lovers: There's now an app that lets you share all of your favorite cat photos with a community of cat lovers while following and commenting on other cat owners' profiles.

Tag a Cat is like a combination of Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, and fur. You can find and befriend local cats by using the app's map feature, and then follow that cat owner’s feed and comment on their pictures. The app is a way to connect like-minded animal lovers and help the world continue fueling its cat obsession. Sure, it might seem like a bit much to those of us who haven't jumped on the crazy cat lover bandwagon just yet, but if the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that people really, really love cats. In fact, according to Google, people search the Internet for the word cats more than 30 million times a month — and all it takes is a quick glance at your Instagram feed to know that cute photos of kittens are popular, to say the least. And besides, wouldn't you rather swipe through photos of adorable fluffy fur balls than people you'll probably never go out with anyway, à la Tinder?

Cats have already carved out a hefty corner of the Internet for themselves. The Daily Mail points out that this isn’t the first app or website that takes pet-loving to the next level. Catmoji is a website that allows you to find cat pictures based on an emotion; you simply select “funny” or “surprised” to scroll through cuddly corresponding images. My Social Petwork is another social media site just for pets that allows you to match up your animal friends with other birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, snakes, and more. Pet-based social networking even got geo-specific (and yeah, a little creepy) with "I Know Where Your Cat Lives,” a website that pinpoints your cat's exact location based on photos you've posted to social media accounts, and then displays it on a Google world map. So it’s really not very surprising that cats are getting a social network of their very own.

Their next step: Taking over the world.

Get the app for free, now in the app store.

Images: Tag A Cat; Giphy