Everybody Wants To Look Like Kim, Apparently

Kim Kardashian has reached new levels of celebrity with her latest impact as a famous person. As you probably expected, it has everything to do with one of her most valuable ass-ets: her derriere. According to The Daily Mail UK, over 45 percent of British women have requested Kim Kardashian's butt during bottom-enhancing procedures. In fact, it's become so popular in the cosmetic surgery world that it has birthed it's own name — "the Kim."

According to hard-hitting, scientific research (lulz), Kim Kardashian's shapely behind has bumped Kylie Minogue's rump into second place and Beyoncé's bootylicious badonkadonk in third. This is an extremely incredible feat, says plastic surgeon Dr. Fuat Yuksel, who commissioned the study. "Kim has risen from just outside the top ten to the number one position in record time and is a firm favorite among women in the UK and elsewhere around the world." Record time! Someone, get that booty a trophy!

The bottom augmentation procedure for which Kardashian's rump is most requested is popularly referred to as the "Brazilian butt lift." The surgery involves using "liposuctioned fatty tissue" (from other parts of your body) and injecting it into the buttocks. The result? A perkier bottom posterior.

Congratulations on all of your hard work, Kim Kardashian's back end. Not only did you almost single-handedly make 2014 the year of the butt selfie (as was accurately predicted by one of our telepathic writers), you also are responsible for almost half of the butt lifts in Britain.