Sexiest Woman Alive Penelope Cruz's 20 Greatest Red Carpet Looks That Further Prove She Earned Her Title

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Though editorial rankings like People's Most Beautiful or Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive occasionally elicit baffled reactions thanks to left field choices, there are some election results one simply can't argue with. When Esquire chose Penelope Cruz as 2014's Sexiest Woman Alive, the designation was both inarguable and puzzling. Of course Penelope Cruz is a beacon of glamour and beauty, but why is she receiving this recognition now? And does this nomination signify that Hollywood is finally mature enough to honor women over 30, instead of lasciviously mooning over 19-year-old actresses and models? In any case, my respect for Esquire has certainly increased a few notches with this announcement. In honor of Ms. Cruz's new title, here are the actress's most enrapturing red carpet looks.

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