Netflix Users Have No Excuse Not to Watch Aziz Ansari's Next Stand-Up Special

Looks like Aziz Ansari is the next celeb to jump on the rapidly popular train that is the Netflix model. According to the New York Times, the Parks and Recreation star will be releasing his next stand-up special via Netflix, as part of the streaming giant's efforts to produce more comedy specials and feature documentaries in the coming months.

Speaking to the NY Times, Ansari explained that when people tell him that they love his stand-up, there's always one common denominator in their praises: "They always mention that they watched it on Netflix," he said, before adding that he was "amused" when a fan recently asked him when more of his "free" stand-up would be on Twitter, because Netflix actually costs $8 a month. "It’s so convenient, you don’t even think about the fact that you’re paying for it."

And, thanks to shows like House of Cards and Arrested Development, it's become clear that the practice of releasing media to a site that allows people to watch at their own pace and time is a popular one — and, most importantly, that if the content is good and plentiful, people will willingly pay for the service. That said, it makes sense Ansari would go to Netflix instead of somewhere like HBO or Comedy Central.

The stand-up special will be titled Buried Alive, and will be available to stream on Nov. 1. It will be the first high-profile stand-up special exclusively distributed through Netflix, and likely the start of a trend in the same way House of Cards was for original programming.

So, basically, every Netflix user now has no excuse not to watch the genius of this guy's stand-up specials.