8 Signs the Honeymoon Stage is Over

Oh, the honeymoon stage — don’t we all just love it. It’s filled with heart-pounding love, infatuation, lust, exhilaration, and more smiles than you can count. It feels like a fantasy world we never want to leave.

Unfortunately, as they say, all good things must come to an end. This is the case for the honeymoon stage, too. But you’re entering into a new phase of your relationship. Your partnership is changing, but this doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. With change comes growth. And, boy oh boy, will your relationship grow. Here's a little more insight on the process, and how it's actually even better.

Let It Go

After the honeymoon phase settles, you’re going to feel ever-so-close with your partner. This closeness has you feeling completely comfortable with one another. Like the movie “Frozen,” you’re letting it go now. This means your farts, your poops, your burps, and any other bodily functions that want to come out of hiding. With every fart let go, your love will grow stronger. Let it go girl, let it go….

Let the Fighting Begin

Okay, so maybe this isn’t the best part about being out of that lovey-dovey phase. Fighting about who’s doing the dishes and why your partner can’t just pick a place to eat are more common now. Arguing is bound to happen, but it doesn’t mean you two are headed down an unhealthy path. It just means you are communicating more and speaking up now. This phase is vital because it gives you a chance to see how the other person argues, while teaching you how to resolve issues together.

Get Weird

So now that you and your partner are closer than ever, you’re also able to let out your weird side. Everybody’s got one, but they hide it really well. You don't have to hide it away any more!

Let out your freak flag and wave it proudly. It’s refreshing when you can finally sing as loud as you want, even when you sound like a bad “American Idol” reject. Or, being able to pop those pimples right beside your lover. Your partner loves you for you, so bust out those crazy dance moves and get down with your weird self.

Date Nights

Date nights are a thing of the past. Instead of making a reservation for 8 p.m. at your favorite Italian restaurant, you’ll be making a date with the drive-thru at McDonalds. And, maybe going to the movies now looks like you two binge watching “Breaking Bad” together. These things are perfectly normal and common. Just remember to plan a special date night every once in a while.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Sex changes as your relationship changes. You two used to be having crazy, "let’s do it in weird places" sex. Now you’re having missionary "let’s do this before our favorite show starts" sex. The frequency of how often you two are getting down might change as well. But don’t fret, as your relationship continues on, your connection will grow stronger and deeper, which will also be reflected in your sex.


Honesty is always the best policy. And, in this case, you’re starting to become more and more honest with each other. That means you’re starting to tell your boyfriend your real opinion about his best friend. Or maybe you’re ready to tell your girlfriend you don’t really like sushi all that much. When the honeymoon starts to fade away, your honest opinion gets the stage.

Time Together

Spending 24/7 with your mate is in the past now. You’ve somehow made your way back to your friends and doing things on your own a bit more. This is actually a positive part of your relationship because you are keeping your independence. Going out with the ladies on a Friday night is starting to be a nice break from your usual routine. And even though your time together might be cut down, you will cherish the quality time you two are spending together.

The Real You

This is when you go to the gym before seeing each other, and whoops, you forgot to shower. You’ve stopped wearing as much makeup, and you’ve forgotten what a red lip even looks like anymore. You are now showing the good, the bad, and the real you. How nice is this phase? You don’t have to spend so much time on your outer appearance because you know your mate’s love isn’t based off of that. So throw away those fake lashes and say hello to true, real love.

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