If Disney Characters Had Instagram...

Let’s face it: If Disney characters had Instagram, they’d be all over it — and that’s exactly what Italian artist Simona Bonafini has tapped into with her amazing series, “Selfie Fables.” A graphic designer and illustrator based in Milan, Bonafini imagines what the social media feeds of a variety of your favorite Disney characters might look like. They may not be as realistic in style as some other Disney-inspired social media art projects — Bonafini’s beautiful pieces have a hand-drawn feel to them that wouldn’t be out of place in, say, an artsy graphic novel — but are they awesome? Heck yes!

Although they only started making the Internet rounds a few days ago — I spotted them last night on Reddit — Bonafini has been working on the images of which “Selfie Fables” is comprised since the beginning of 2014. The first one, an Alice in Wonderland– themed design, appeared on her Facebook page at the end of January; she’s subsequently updated the series at various points throughout the year, including a few seasonally appropriate ones (guess which character got to represent summertime?). A lot of thought clearly went into each character’s representative image; they all align with specific personalities frequently seen on Instagram. Hercules, for example, is the dudebro who spends pretty much every waking minute either at the gym or posting progress pics:

Ariel becomes the beach gal who can’t get enough of her own bikini photos:

Peter Pan is the master photobomber:

And Alice and the Hatter apparently spend their tea parties taking BFF selfies:

Bonafini isn’t the only artist to have imagined what the Instagram feeds of Disney’s most beloved characters would look like; back in 2013, B for Bel created a series of images featuring images from Aladdin, Brave, Snow White, and more done in the style of the photo-sharing app. B for Bel’s creations, however, look like they used stills pulled directly from the movies, though, whereas Bonafini’s were created specifically for her project. Both series, though, put a fun spin on the stories and characters we know and love. Anyone kind of hoping for Anna or Elsa to make an appearance next?

Check out more of Bonafini’s work on her Tumblr, website, and Facebook page.

Images: Simona Bonafini Illustrations/Facebook (4)