Acne Studios Created a Line of Granny Panties

Well, I haven't mentioned normcore around here in quite awhile. I'm sure you missed incessant coverage of the anti-trend, but don't worry — it's baaaaack! And this time, normcore is taking the form of lingerie. Acne Studios designed a line of underwear that's so NORMAL even the Gap would approve.

The line is composed of two styles of women's briefs: normal waist and high-waist. According to the campaign imagery, they are available in the ever-so-dull shade of tan, also known as "nude" to those who can't seem to remember that not everyone has light skin. Essentially, we're talking about a line of beige granny panties. Call them normcore, call them "Banal Plus" (jk, we're not W magazine)... whatever you call them, just know that they are ugly and you will only want to wear them when you have your period.

I get that we don't make like Dita von Teese and wear corsets to Pilates class, and so I'm pleased that Acne is releasing some boring undies for those of us who don't give a crap about lace. However, this is another example of trendy fashion people trying to jump on the normcore bandwagon and doing so rather awkwardly. Plus, does anyone actually find granny panties comfortable?

If these Acne Studio undies seem like just the thing you want to cram your "normcore body" into, never fear — they'll be out later this month, according to Racked. In the mean time, enjoy wearing your athletic slides with socks before the cold weather comes to town and threatens you with frost bite.

Images: Acne Studios