Ranking the Most Romantic Movie Couples of the Past 15 Years, From Allie & Noah to Hazel & Gus

By Kaitlin Reilly
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We're not exactly in a golden age for romance — probably because we're in the age of Marvel sequels — but that's not to say that the new millennium has been completely devoid of decent romantic comedies and dramas. After all, 2004 brought us The Notebook, a film that made an entire generation desperate for a kiss in the pouring rain. (Preferably with Ryan Gosling, but hey, we're not picky.) And The Notebook's Allie and Noah aren't the only great romance to come out of the 00s. What makes a good romantic couple onscreen? Overcoming conflict, chemistry, and an epic kiss scene, of course — and you'd be surprised to find out how many couples lack in that department. So who comes out on top? Check out this ranking of 17 popular couples from romantic movies of the 00s.

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