Hey Bey, We Love Your New Bangs

Alert! Alert! Very important celebrity hair news coming to you this fine Tuesday afternoon: Beyoncé has baby bangs. Not side bangs. Not blunt bangs. Certainly not wispy romantic bangs. Legit three-inches-above-the-eyebrows, Betty Page–style baby bangs. And just like everything else that would look absolutely ridiculous on us peasants, Bey is completely killing it.

Okay, so, clearly not everyone agrees with me. People on Twitter are questioning whether this new do might be a Blue Ivy creation. Which, by the way, would be absolutely adorable if that was the case, thank you very much. Yeah, they're a little bit choppy, and her lusciously thick hair makes any uneven bits very noticeable, but personally I'm very down with the retro look.

According to Refinery29, these controversial Beyoncé bangs were first spotted alongside baby Blue and Jay Z as they left Paris's Gare du Nord train station. Entertainment's First Family has been making quite the waves all over France this week, especially in the hair department. A few days before the bangs heard round the Internet made their debut, Jay and Bey snapped some selfies in front of the Mona Lisa, giving everyone the chance to freak out over Beyonce's perfect adult pigtails. She's officially our Goddess of Hairspiration. But anyways, about those bangs...

What do you think? Do the Beyoncé baby bangs deserve all this backlash? I can't decide if I'm into them for the daring style or just because I love alliterations with all my heart.