The Chunk Of Hawaii Mark Zuckerberg Just Bought Proves He's A Philanthropist With An Eye For Scenery

The Facebook creator has had a busy week. When he's not giving $25 million to help Ebola research, Mark Zuckerberg is purchasing a 700-acre plot in Hawaii to the tune of $100 million. All told, that means Zuck has dropped a cool $125 million this week alone. And just think, I get nervous when I spend too much on groceries.

Forbes confirmed on Tuesday that Zuckerberg has purchased two adjacent plots on the North Shore of Kauai. The new Zuckerberg estate includes a white-sand beach, a former sugarcane plantation, and an organic farm. No big deal for a 30-year-old, right?

And here's the thing: It doesn't even have a house on it yet. So that means the palatial domicile befitting the founder of Facebook has yet to be built, tacking God knows how much onto the price tag of this purchase.

It sounds like Zuck is trying to create his own tropical fortress, safe from prying eyes. The Kahu’aina Plantation, which makes up 357 acres of his total purchase, has been approved for up to 80 homes. Clearly, Zuckerberg is trying to keep people from getting up close and personal. But it seems the secret has been out for a while. Zuckerberg was put on the front page of a local paper when he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, dined at Bubba's Burger, an island mainstay.

*sigh* Okay. Let's get real for a minute. A 30-year-old billionaire (his net worth is around $33 billion) just bought a $100 million dollar swath of land. You know what happened to me, the woman in her mid-20s, yesterday? I got an alert from my bank when I spent over $125 on a purchase, because they were certain it must have been an error. Meanwhile, Zuckerberg now has 2,500 feet of his own beach. HIS OWN BEACH. I can't even afford to go to Hawaii at this moment, much less snatch up a pretty sizable chunk of it. Way to make me feel like a real failure, Zuckerberg.

Dammit, Zuckerberg. I mean, I know you created the world's most popular social network and all, but why do you have to be so nice and donate lots of money, then turn around and buy yourself a well-deserved piece of land? Why can't I be a tech genius? Why couldn't I have invented Facebook?

Images: Flickr/Jeremy Hall (1), Getty Images (1)