'Big Brother' Dishes Up the Exit Interview We've Been Waiting For

Goodnight, 3AM Alliance. Either Aaryn or Andy, nominated in McCrae's stead, is heading home tonight. Unable to comprehend how anyone could dare—DARE—to nominate her precious boytoy, Amanda continues to focus her considerable wrath on HoH Elissa.

She corners her in the kitchen with sickly-sweet false friendliness: "Hey, Elissa? How are you, angel? What are you eating?" [She's eating an apple. There isn't a lot of room for ambiguity here.] Amanda leans in close. "Do you feel threatened? Or scared?" [This probably isn't the best time to ask for feedback on your psychological torture.] "How many doctors did it take to make your face look like that?" [Girl? Girl. No.] It's to Elissa's credit that she doesn't let Amanda's vile behavior get to her. Rubber, glue, etc.

Andy, god love him, has realized that aligning himself with McCranda is now the worst possible strategy besides refusing to shower, wandering the house in the nude and scrawling "PLEASE EVICT ME" on its walls in mysteriously obtained animal blood. As he puts it: "If I can get through this game with someone who isn't as awful, I'd really like to do so." He forms a new alliance with GinaMarie, Spencer and Judd: the Exterminators. But GinaMarie has sworn her loyalty to Aaryn, "her best girl." How's this going to shake out?

Unsurprisingly, when it's time to vote, Amanda and McCrae both come down against Aaryn. And so—with her face screwed up in the tearful, pug-like pout she usually reserves for grieving over Nick's cereal box—does GinaMarie. Whaaaaat. Aaryn is unanimously evicted.

The studio audience greets her with a mix of cheers and scattered boos. Though Chenbot must still withhold all information from the outside world, she's nevertheless eager to discuss the "harsh words" the contestant has had for her fellow houseguests. (For the uninitiated, "harsh words" is Big Brother code for horrible, horrible racism.)

"Being Southern," Aaryn explains, "it's a stereotype." What... does that even mean. She claims that what she was said was taken out of context, and that she never meant to be racist. Oh, really? Well, Chenbot just so happens to have a few of things you said written down right here.

Everyone in the studio audience:

"No one's going to vote for whoever that queer puts up," Chen reads. "Go make some rice." Why, it's Aaryn's greatest hits!

She feigns surprise (or maybe is genuinely surprised?) at hearing her words repeated. "I love Helen more than anything," Aaryn insists, over a growing chorus of giggles from the audience. She does say, over and over, that she feels "horrible." Honestly, it's reassuring to see a flash of self-awareness.

But it's only that. A flash. All she has to offer is a classic non-apology: "In Texas, we say things, sometimes we joke and we don't mean it. I feel really bad that this is how it's being seen." The great state of Texas—that which brought us Wendy Davis, and Tami Taylor, and Peggy Hill—doesn't deserve this defamation of character.

Though I'm a little thrown off by the enormously teased hair and jet-black eyeshadow she's rocking tonight, Chenbot handles this interview brilliantly. She closes strong: "After you watch all this footage, I hope—and I think—you'll have a new perspective on things."

In this week's Head of Household competition, houseguests must maneuver Easter eggs through a maze, then hop (their feet tied together) across the lawn to deposit the eggs in their baskets. Not only will the winner be crowned HoH, but the loser will be forced to wear a chicken costume for the next 48 hours. The bunny ears they're wearing in the meantime probably don't make the task any harder, but they sure do heighten my enjoyment.

Next Thursday: the season's second double elimination! Can we kick out Amanda twice?

Images via CBS, Psych Wiki