Get Your Halloween Costume at Claire's

Claire's Boutique is a cheap accessories haven. If you have a fetish for One Direction notebooks and iPhone cases, polka dot glasses, and Katy Perry Prism-themed jewelry, which are all things I recently checked out (but didn't buy), you will find 'em at a routine trip to Claire's. The mall boutique is also the place to snag accessories for a simple, easy, and inexpensive Halloween costume. (And it's a destination where some adults, like myself, get their ears pierced.) The Halloween items Claire's hawks are cute without being overly hokey. You can assemble a ghostly ensemble, be a sexy spider girl, or dress up as a zombie princess without looking like you had a lapse in judgment, like you lack creativity, or like you threw things together at the 11th hour.

The best thing about a Claire's-created Halloween costume is that you won't break the bank, since it'll be accessories-driven, and you won't look like you just threw something on, either. You have no excuses for anything but a legit getup this Halloween season if you follow this step-by-step guide to getting your Halloween on at the mall. There's really no shame in that. Plus, if you're not short on time, why not get your cartilage pierced while you are there?


You can put together a spine shivering ghost ensemble with this creepy cool hooded cape ($18). It's a statement maker that should totally creep out your friends or your date.

Wear it with a plain black maxidress that you can nab at Forever 21 ($29.50).

Add this creepy skeleton ring ($4.50), upping the scary quotient that was already put into play with the cape.

Another nice touch and final element is this Glow Body Paint ($4.50), which will give you a little extra ghostly shimmer to complete your look.


Whether you have arachnophobia or not, you can still be a Spider Girl. This look is all about the accessories, so keep the rest of the costume simple with black leggings and a long-sleeve tee. The spider bun ($10) is freakin' awesome.

Throw on some spider post earrings ($6.50), so you will be bugging out all over that pretty little head.

The next logical step is a chunky spider necklace ($10.50), to break up some of the black.

Oh, you can't forget this spider cuff ring ($8.50). It's where you keep your webbing, like Spider-Man.

Wanna go all out? Then add these creepy crawly facial tattoos ($8.50), which are a fun but not necessary touch. Ah, what the hell. Overdo it and use these. Halloween comes but once a year.

Glue and go with these webby nails ($10.50).


OK, so zombies, by nature, are not really princess-y, but Claire's allows for that concession. The face tattoos are a total yes ($8.50).

So is this bloody choker ($5.50)! That thing almost looks real. It'll make anyone who sees it squeal with glee.

The grossness continues with these scabby hand and nail tattoos ($4.50). Zombies are dead, so the digits have to look the part. That safety pin is creeping me out.

Bloodied, dirtied tights ($5.50) add an authenticity to your zombie princess style, which should include a tattered and torn dress that you thrift and then destroy before wearing it.

These bony and bloody zombie hand barrettes ($8.50) are also squeal inducing, and I'd probably wear them on days that are not Halloween. But when you are a zombie princess, they are a necessary element of your undead uniform.

Add a slick of Brain Punch Zombie Gloss ($4.50) to those cracked, cut, chapped, and undead lips of yours. Mwah.

Images: Claire's (15); Forever 21 (1)