'Below Deck' "Premature Corkulation": A Guest Asks Ben For Sea Cucumber Ovaries & Yes, Those Are A Delicacy

Holy Ohana, that was quite a charter. Tuesday night's episode of Below Deck introduced us to Primary Charter Guest Timothy, and I will cherish the charter we shared always. Oh, Primary Charter Guest Timothy. That cutting the stack of cash in half move? So beautiful. What a bag of reality TV gold you were! Primary Charter Guest Timothy was like Liam Neeson's character from Taken, but instead of a very particular set of skills, Timothy had a very particular set of requests. (On second thought, Timothy seemed to have a very particular set of skills, too. Said skills seem to rake in a lot of money, attract a devoted following, et cetera. What those skills are, exactly, I couldn't tell you. He works with the stock market or something. I zoned out any time I heard the word "stock." I am who I am.) There was one particular request I could not write down fast enough: SEA CUCUMBER OVARIES. Alas, according to his Bravo blog, Chef Ben didn't have any sea cucumber ovaries on hand .

For shame, CHEF BEN. What sort of self-respecting chef, nay, human doesn't keep a container of sea cucumber ovaries on hand at all times? As a matter of fact, there are two jars in my pantry as I type this! You never know when a friend is going to have a hankering for the ovary of a sea cuke.

OCTOBER FOOLS'! I sure as shark fin did not know sea cucumber ovaries were a thing people ate until Primary Charter Guest Timothy asked for them. I had some questions. Food blog TOMOSTYLE has some answers:

"Intense brininess," eh? I'm sold!

Images: Bravo; gif-weenus/tumblr