Jennice & Kelley, Sittin' On A Deck...

Ah, Kelley and Jennice. The yacht-crossed lovers of the Ohana. It was never a matter of if. Below Deck's Kelley and Jennice have always been a when. Eddie the noble bosun tried to squash the in-crew romance, but his efforts were futile. The two deckhands/former roommates exchanged The Look when they met, and BAM. It was written in the stars. And the sand. And the sea. And the "beluga" caviar. Tuesday night’s episode of Below Deck was when the when when'd: After a dramatic, albeit lucrative charter (oh, my heart SANG when Captain Lee invoked Pretty Woman to teach the crew a “don’t judge a charter by its hair pouf” lesson), Kelley and Jennice smooched. They smooched hard. And this time around, there weren't any sneak attacks or immediate pangs of regret in sight.

Here's a list of thoughts I did NOT have in the moments leading up to the kiss:

  • I wonder what'll happen.
  • I can't remember, are they attracted to each other?
  • Should I think anything of Jennice and Kelley's body language?
  • Oh, I'm probably reading into their body language.
  • Let's back up a bit: Should I think anything of Jennice taking care of Kelley while he was hungover?
  • Nah. I'm not going to think anything of it. They're totally platonic.
  • Should I think anything of Jennice bringing her lunch to Kelley's quarters after he'd been banished by Captain Lee?
  • Again, nah. Totes platonzies.
  • Why are they looking at each other like that?
  • No, seriously. Why are they looking at each other like that?
  • Did someone fart?
  • I think someone farted. I think they're trying to play it cool for the cameras.
  • Hold up. Is Jennice admitting she has feelings for Kelley? I had no idea! LEFT FIELD!
  • They have feelings for each other. Huh. Well, I'll be!
  • Whoa, did they just KISS? And now they're CUDDLING?
  • I.
  • Did.
  • Not.
  • See.
  • That.
  • Coming.

Images: Bravo; reactionswithgifs/tumblr