Her Beef With Snoop Escalated to Dangerous Levels

Remember when Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea appeared to be having the most pointless feud in recorded history? It all started when Snoop Dogg dissed Azalea on Instagram by mocking a recent picture of her without makeup. She responded by allegedly calling him out on it on Twitter in a screengrab saved by E! Online, a move that was thoroughly justified but not really helpful in the overall situation. That could have been the end of it. In fact, that should have been the end of it. Then, Snoop Dogg started threatening Azalea over social media, escalating this from Super Pointless to Super Dangerous.

Following Azalea's Twitter response, Snoop Dogg once again returned to Instagram in order to post several videos, memes, and captions that called Azalea everything from a "b****" to a "c***" and comparing her looks to that of the Wayans brothers in White Chicks. In one video that he posted early Wednesday morning, Snoop Dogg is heard saying, "Say, b****, you’re f***ing with the wrong n****, and your n**** better check you before I do." If you thought that Azalea's anger at Snoop Dogg's pointless jab was a little overblown, then this kind of breaks the scale of online overreactions.

This time when Azalea responded on Twitter, she took the stand that I had hoped she would take the first time around. Her thoughtful and poignant speech, spanning several tweets called out not only Snoop Dogg for the extreme level to which he took this feud but also the people who slammed Azalea for her initial response to his Instagram meme.

"I could post a million more memes about Snoop Dogg making fun of the way he looks too, that's easy. But the real joke here is the middle aged man [who's] butt hurt I asked why he was pulling a Regina George move on social media," said Azalea. "If I’m a bitch for asking why you are supportive to my face but another way on your Instagram then so be it. Post away about this ‘b****’. I’ve seen all the memes the word has to offer in regards to me. I honestly don’t care and it's a shame because honestly everyone on my team, myself included, have only ever sung his praises."

And, honestly, she has a point. Sure, Azalea could have taken the opportunity to call out the misogyny of saying a woman without make up is a monster, but saying that she was wrong or calling her the b-word because she was upset enough to ask Snoop Dogg why he was kind to her in person and posting negative things about her online is only adding to the problem. It implies that women have no right to stand up for themselves, to speak out, to call someone on their disingenuous actions without receiving the same backlash as their attacker for doing so. And, quite honestly, she has a point as many Snoop Dogg fans have spoken in his defense:

Of course, there are just as many people who are speaking in defense of Azalea and questioning why Snoop Dogg is still bothering to escalate such a pointless feud, but the voices in the mix who would point fingers at Azalea and blame her for the fact that Snoop Dogg is threatening her are part of a larger problem. The ever-present victim blaming issue continues to be a pervasive one in our society. Telling Azalea that she should "lighten up" and "laugh it off" and that anything that happened after her initial tweets are her fault is wrong. She is angry and she is hurt. Her feelings are valid. And the longer this feud continues, the worse Snoop Dogg comes across.

Azalea has said that she is going to be the bigger man and let it go — though she has retweeted several opinions from fans about the feud since saying that — and hopefully this is where the feud decides to end. Snoop Dogg can continue to post whatever he wants on Instagram, but if Azalea doesn't give him the reaction that he wants then he'll just look like an Internet bully who can't let it go.