How To Use Every Last Drop Of Beauty Product

What do you do when you get to the bottom of, say, the conditioner bottle or of a glass liquid foundation canister? You come up with a clever and creative beauty hack to get it all out, right? Maybe you shake the bottle hard, flip it over, and use the palm of your hand to tap on the bottom, forcing the congregated liquid to shoot forward and out of the mouth. Oftentimes, the product projectile lands on your counter, the vanity, or even worse, on your shirt. The butt of your palm hurts after, too. Well, I have a beauty hack that totally eliminates the need to beat up on bottles you will eventually recycle with too much wasted product clinging to the bottom. It's a tool called the Spatty, and despite its ridiculously uncool name, it helps you get the most out of your bottles. If you're budget-conscious, rejoice!

The Spatty, the moniker of which I can't even type without giggling over its silliness, is basically a long, thin, grippable spatula, like the kind all you bakers use to spread icing on delicious cupcakes. It comes in all different sizes and lengths, so that the head can easily enter the narrow bottle opening and exit with desired and excess product that you can't reach without an assist.

The Spatty, $12, Amazon

Nothing frustrates me more than seeing five to 10 uses worth of hard-to-reach foundation stuck at the bottom of a bottle. I used to watch YouTube videos on how to crack the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion bottle in order to get the last vestige of product. I once broke a glass foundation bottle from tapping it against my vanity trying to loosen the remaining layer of product. Clearly, beauty can be dangerous. Since most of my cosmetic purchases lean toward the pricy side, I want to get my money's worth.

I don't have that problem anymore now that I have the Spatty since it gets to the bottom of the issue, so to speak. I even flip the tool over and use the thin tip in other hard-to-maneuver cases. A hack of a hack, if I may.

Instead of holding my Pantene conditioner bottle under the shower head to fill it with water to loosen and drain the remaining creamy stuff stuck at the bottom, I just use the Spatty I keep in my shower canister to scoop it out. I get a few extra washes out of it that way.

The Spatty, which ranges from $6 to $15, truly lets you get the last drop out of stuff, working best on thicker products like lotion and liquid soap. If you are on a budget, every drop counts.

I even got the Spatty for my dad, who is a terrific cook as well as a baby boomer, so he's all about conserving and not wasting anything. For example, he even drains the juice in fruit cocktail to use it as a sweetener for something else. So you get the point. He uses the Spatty, which is easy to clean in the sink or dishwasher, to get every possible ounce of condiment or whatever out of a bottle.

Love ya, multiuse Spatty, mean it.

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