Chanel Is Finally On Instagram, So Here Are 5 Questions They Need To Answer For Us, #NoFilter Needed

Social media just became much more posh. The biggest, baddest brand finally caved in: Chanel is now on Instagram! To celebrate the launch of the new Chanel No. 5 film, they set up an account to take snaps of all they happenings at the launch party. But seriously—it’s about damn time. Almost everyone and their mother has been taking photos and putting filters on pictures of their coffee. It only took so long for one of the most icon fashion brands in the world to join us.

So far, how are they doing in the world Valencia and Mayfair? Not bad, actually. They created the account two days ago, but already have 1.8 million followers. Kind of makes your #follow4follow attempt look really pathetic, right? They could use a little help, though. They posted photos of Karlie Kloss, Lily Allen, and Poppy Delevingne without tagging them. Rookie mistake, Chanel!

Now that they’ve finally made their debut into the Insta world, there are a few lingering questions they should answer. After all, Karl Lagerfeld is still a pretty mysterious fella. It’ll be like their version of a #nomakeup selfie, but with more lipstick and less regret.

Here are five mysteries Chanel should solve to put our minds to rest.

1. How Many Pairs of Sunglasses Does Karl Lagerfeld Actually Own?

Vladimir Rys/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Ten? Fifty? Hundreds? The man wears shades so much that thousands may not be out of the question here. It’s a mystery, guys.

Maybe the PR executive running the account could sneak into his closet and take a quick photo of what we can only assume is his giant sunglasses shrine.

2. Are They Planning More Feminists Marches?

At this season’s Fashion Week, Chanel proved that they’re still the star of the season by turning their runway show into a feminist march.

Can they do it again? Please? All we need to see are a few signs they’re (hopefully) creating.

3. What Happened To The Food At Their AW14 Show?

Francois Durand/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Speaking of fabulous Chanel shows, remember when they turned their AW14 runway into a grocery store? After Cara Delevingne walked down the runway, guests got to shop and take home all the Chanel branded groceries their hearts desired.

But, are they any leftovers? Is it physically impossible for a Chanel orange to mold? Just need some photos to figure it out.

4. Who’s Starring In The Next No. 5 Film?

Yeah, we’re pretty excited about the new Chanel No. 5 film starring Gisele Bundchen. Remember when Nicole Kidman graced us with her presence as the perfume’s spokeswomen?

Clearly, Chanel has chosen some pretty fabulous leading ladies to star in their films/advertisements/perfume over extravaganzas. But who’s next? Taylor Swift? Ariana Grande? All we need is a “coming soon” photo with a giant ponytail or cat.

5. Can We Get More Candy Jewelry?

So, about that Chanel £755 candy necklace. Love it or hate it, it’s here.

Sure, it’s a bit ridiculous, but wouldn’t it be great if they made more sugary jewels? Imagine a photo of Karl Lagerfeld holding a real ring pop or a rock candy headband. I'm in.

Images: Getty (3); Chanel/Instagram; @bottledBrooklyn, @PRFashionBeauty/Twitter