Taylor Swift's Cats Refuse To Wear A Costume, So Here Are 9 Other Ways They Can Coordinate For Halloween

It’s a sad day for Taylor Swift. Sure, the singer just released “Out of the Woods” and reached number one on iTunes, but she may not have the best Halloween. Last night, the “Shake It Off” singer tweeted that she wants to dress the Swift cats up for Halloween, but they absolutely refuse to wear a costume. In fact, Meredith even tried to jump off a balcony once in protest. Yikes.

Look, T. Swift, I feel your pain. Cats hate costumes. I’ve struggled with my little kitties as well. When I was four, Pumpkin refused to wear a witch costumes made out of a black napkin. Last year, Bean meowed angrily until I took off the argyle kitty Christmas sweater I got him at Petco. No matter what we do, they‘ll never get into the Halloween spirit. I guess they’re only in it for the candy.

Luckily, for Swift — and every other cat lover out there — won’t need to throw in the towel just yet. There are plenty of famous felines out there that our kitties can go as for Halloween. All we have to do is dress up as their human owners! Worth it? For sure. Here are nine costumes ideas for Taylor and her kitties.

1. Princess Mia and Fat Louie

He was Princess Mia's trusty sidekick when she was invisible. He became royal (I think?) when she became a princess. But seriously: HE'S A ROYAL CAT WHO GETS TO RIDE ON AIRPLANES AND WEAR A CROWN.

There's two ways to pull this off: You can either go as before Mia and wear a school uniform and a frizzy wig, OR Princess Mia, with a gown and tiara. Get a matching tiara for your cat and see if he’ll wear it. If not, people will probably still get the point.

2. Sabrina The Teenage Witch & Salem

You guys! Sabrina the Teenage Witch had a cat that could talk. His name was Salem and he was pretty much the funniest and most sarcastic animal ever.

This costume is perfect for Halloween. Find an old witch costume and train your cat to talk. Kidding. But not really.

3. Elle Woods & Bruiser

Sure — Bruiser is technically not a cat, but Elle carries him around the same way Taylor Swift does with Olivia, so it works.

Wear every single pink item in your closet. Go to Harvard. Talk like a lawyer? As for your cat, it’s up to you on whether you want to put him in your purse or just carry him around.

4. Kim Possible & Rufus

Again — not a cat. But it’s pretty much impossible to forget about K.P. when it comes to loyal animal sidekicks.

Find a crop top, pair of cargo capris (#bless), and a red wig. To really get into character, find a friend and have him text you missions. Your cat will obviously have to sit in your pocket the entire time.

5. Dr. Evil & Mr. Bigglesworth

Good girl Taylor Swift may not be able to pull off this villain, but it’s worth a try.

This costume requires a commitment, so get ready to shave your entire head and cat. Kidding — a bald cap will do. To pull it off, practice your best evil laugh while stroking your cat.

6. Grumpy Cat

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This one’s pretty easy: just scowl. A lot. As for your cat, try to get him to scorn with you.

Since Aubrey Plaza is now officially playing the voice of Grumpy Cat, feel free to wear your best April Ludgate outfit.

7. Keyboard Cat

Speaking of internet cats, remember that sass ball who would play the piano after innocent folks tripped on their treadmills?

He could obviously work the piano all by himself, so no need to help your feline friend. Instead, carry him and a piano around all night. People will be intrigued by his talent.

8. Nyan Cat

Look — ANOTHER internet kitty! You would have thought they invented the World Wide Web for us to look at videos of cats or something.

You need two things: a Pop Tart and rainbow flag. Your cat can lick the Pop Tart. Or you can. Either works.

9. Alice In Wonderland & Cheshire Cat

Let’s be honest here: that cat’s scary. TERRIFYING, actually. What nightmares are made of.

As scary as it is, it shouldn’t be to difficult to pull the costume off. Find an Alice in Wonderland dress and train your cat to smile. A lot. A scary Halloween is guaranteed.

Images: Getty Images (2); @tatii_arevalo,@lesyaannson, @nylonmag, @ohmydisney, @channingposters, @evan_fowler, @youtube, @taylorswiftvid /Twitter; Loren Javier/Flickr