29 Signs You Work With Your BFF

by Meredith Lepore

Work can be tough — not to mention, boring. Day in and day out, you go to the same place and have do more or less the same thing, for way too little money or credit. Sometimes, one of the only things that makes your job better are the people surrounding you. After all, whether we like it or not, we end up spending more time with our coworkers than our most of our family and friends. Friendship at work can truly make the difference between thriving in your job and getting totally burned out.

And once in a while, if you are really lucky, you find more than just a work friend — you actually find your best friend. This is a friend who you actually see outside of the office and the bathroom. Having a best friend at work can have it's difficult moments (if you are up for the same promotion or have the same office crush, watch out), but for the most part, it is pretty awesome to have your bestie next to you day in and day out. If you work with your best friend, you know what I'm talking about. Here are 29 signs that you work with your true best friend.

You can jump between personal and professional topics seamlessly

You can go from super serious business power women to gossip within minutes.

You can tell what the other person is thinking

Just by their facial expression, you know exactly how they feel about the idea or ridiculous thing your boss is having you do.

They know your friends (and some of your family)

The work/life lines have been permeated.

Elevator rides and coffee breaks are like mini-think tanks

You always come up with the best ideas together.

they know alllll about who you're sleeping with

Whether you're single or in a relationship, they know all the dirty and angst-ridden details.

and you trust their advice

Ok, fine. I won't go out with him again.

you've cried in front of each other

She comforted you and it wasn't embarrassing, obviously.

You can just tell when the other one needs coffee or a snack

Coffee? Yessssssssss.

...Or a drink

Sometimes happy hour just needs to start at 4 p.m.

They help you try to cover up your hangover the next day, obviously

By warning you to stop online shopping because your boss is coming over.

you'd never gossip about them

and coworkers know better than to gossip about them in front of you

Don't you dare say anything bad about my best friend.

your GChats are an extensive documentation of your relationship

You cover everything from relationships to politics to how you need to pee, but are too lazy to get up. Anthropologists would truly be fascinated.

They are your bouncing board

For all work ideas and risky fashion statements.

you know when they make a major purchase

Finally, a new phone!

and have most of their wardrobe memorized

She's asked for a second opinion on an online order more than once.

You're never alone if they're at work

It's good to know you have an ally.

and if they're out sick, things just feel ... weird

You'll Gchat them.

You have inside jokes that no one else in the office will ever understand

Because that is what happens when you spend all your time together.

You definitely felt betrayed when they said they were looking at other jobs

It's like cheating. How could you leave me?

If HR could hear the things you talked about, they would be shocked. Shocked.

And you would probably be in trouble.

You are eachother's wingwomen

When it comes to the office crush.

You have the same enemies at work

And will both hate them with a vengeance.

Lunch is truly a dance of your kindred spirits

You have a number of places where you know exactly what the other one wants and how they want it.

You resolve to go to the gym together after work

But then totally don't judge each other when you stop for margaritas and nachos instead.

They calm you down when you are about to have your fifth nervous breakdown of the day

most of all, Everyone knows you're kind of a package deal

If there is a chance to work on teams, everyone knows you are two for the price of one.

because you guys are more than coworkers

You're best friends.

That's for sure.

Images: NBC, Giphy