11 Worst 'Friends' Episodes Ever That Real Fans Will Skip When the Sitcom Heads to Netflix

You know, I had a lot of big plans for 2015 — I turn 25 on Jan. 4, and that milestone plus the new year were really shaming my butt into trying to kick my life into gear. But screw that, TBH, because on Wednesday morning we've been graced by the Netflix gods who announced every episode of Friends will be streaming as of Jan. 1, 2015. PLEASE RESPECT MY PRIVACY AT THIS TIME.

Looks like we all better get our affairs in order because January 2015 is about to be "The One Where We're All Marathoning Friends Maniacally." And though I am a television uber-worshipper and Friends ranks high in my TV religions, I must concede that not EVERY episode is quality. Of course, with a show like Friends, even the worst episodes aren't that bad. But when there's such a cornucopia of episodes that will imminently be there for you, there are certainly some that you can skip/ use as a respite to change your shirt and go to the bathroom to avoid a UTI. Here are my least favs, in chronological order, I'd recommend skipping on the Netflix autoplay.

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"The One With the Breast Milk," Season 2 Episode 2

Everyone is immature about boobs. Carol breast-feeds Ben and Joey and Chandler are like “Aooooga,” making oafs of themselves. Ross tries to be the Mature One and tells them it’s not a big deal but then when he is challenged to taste the aformentioned breast milk, he is sooooo grossed out. He only does so because the other Lesbian Susan has already done it, and literally has to eat cookies in order to stomach such a disgusting beverage such as breast milk.

It’s just an amateur, immature episode that really makes all the boys on this show look like, well, dumb boys. Meanwhile Rachel and Monica literally get into a fight over shopping and Phoebe is almost invisible, and I hate episodes that misuse or underuse Pheebs.

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"The One With the Race Car Bed," Season 3 Episode 7

I don’t know man, everyone and everything in this episode is boring to me. Joey looks dumb, Ross looks like a chump, Monica is shrill, Rachel gets mocked for being a stupid girl.

But here’s the basics: Monica buys a bed from The Mattress King (Janice’s ex-beau) and when Phoebe signs for her delivery (and makes up a fake middle name for Monica in the process), it ends up being the wrong bed of a race car variety. A mix-up that is pretty unfunny. Meanwhile Rachel introduces Ross to her father, and they bristle at first, but later they bond by laughing at Rachel’s expense because wow girls are so stupid! Ha ha ha! Not. Semi-silver lining: I like Dr. Green, Rachel’s curmudgeon (dickish) dad.

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"The One With the Ultimate Fighting Champion," Season 3 Episode 24

Despite the great cameos by Robin Williams and Billy Crystal as Tim and Tomas in the coffee shop, Monica’s boyfriend Pete trying to make his way (and failing of course) as an Ultimate Fighting Champion was a watery plot. There’s also the weird butt-slapping with Chandler’s boss, which I’ve decided I don’t find that funny (but that might be a contro opinion).

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"The One Where Ross Dates a Student," Season 6 Episode 18

Let’s be real, the only good thing about Elizabeth is that her dad Paul is played by Bruce Willis. Otherwise this just makes Ross look like a scuzzy creep.

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"The One With the Sharks," Season 9 Episode 4

Not so much terrible as tooootally overplayed on TBS. Would Monica even care if Chandler were watching porn if he was so accepting of the fact that he might have a shark fetish? She might be a little nuts but she ain’t close-minded.

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"The One With Ross and Monica's Cousin," Season 7 Episode 19

Ooooooh my goddddd I don’t know why Friends taps incest as a source of humor so often, but it does. I do not like it. Do not watch it!

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"The One With the Secret Closet," Season 8 Episode 14

Two of three of the plots in this episode are weak. Monica agrees to let Phoebe massage her and then they both made funky sex noises—not my cup of tea. And Chandler also discovers that the obsessively neat and clean Monica has a secret closet for her miscellany etc. and mocks her for being a hoarder. Damn, dude, put up or shut up. I love Chandler Bing (I AM Chandler Bing) but he’s not so nice to Mon in this one. Let her have her vices too!

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"The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss," Season 10 Episode 1

Rachel and Joey was the most nonsensical idea to ever be. This one’s a no. Ross and Rachel are each other’s lobsters, OK?

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"The One With the Birth Mother," Season 10 Episode 9

I’m torn on this one because it’s also the one where Joey doesn’t share food (and he’s not even sorry), but it was such a waste of Anna Faris! She could have been so much funnier as Erica than they made her! Sigh.

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"The One Where the Stripper Cries," Season 10 Episode 11

As much as I love Joey guessing “Paper, Snow…. A GHOST” on Pyramid, I do not like watching a dejected Danny DeVito as a stripper OR learning that Monica and Ross once kissed. Again, why Ross and incest? Why?

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"The One Where Joey Speaks French," Season 10 Episode 13

Also known as the one where they make Joey look a total lobotomized freakin’ idiot. Phoebe tries to teach him French which he as a grown man can not even repeat back rotely, so to make it all OK, Phoebe tells the casting director Joey is mentally disabled. WTF? And also, ew.

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