11 Worst 'Friends' Episodes Ever That Real Fans Will Skip When the Sitcom Heads to Netflix

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You know, I had a lot of big plans for 2015 — I turn 25 on Jan. 4, and that milestone plus the new year were really shaming my butt into trying to kick my life into gear. But screw that, TBH, because on Wednesday morning we've been graced by the Netflix gods who announced every episode of Friends will be streaming as of Jan. 1, 2015. PLEASE RESPECT MY PRIVACY AT THIS TIME.

Looks like we all better get our affairs in order because January 2015 is about to be "The One Where We're All Marathoning Friends Maniacally." And though I am a television uber-worshipper and Friends ranks high in my TV religions, I must concede that not EVERY episode is quality. Of course, with a show like Friends, even the worst episodes aren't that bad. But when there's such a cornucopia of episodes that will imminently be there for you, there are certainly some that you can skip/ use as a respite to change your shirt and go to the bathroom to avoid a UTI. Here are my least favs, in chronological order, I'd recommend skipping on the Netflix autoplay.

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