10 Times Tom Hiddleston Blew The Doors Off With His Hilarious Impressions — VIDEOS

Once upon a time, I was a very foolish girl who didn't understand why everyone liked Tom Hiddleston so much. But then I wised up and he won me over because he's awesome. The defining moment for me was when I realized that Tom Hiddleston has an amazing talent for impressions. Like, he's seriously impressive. If he doesn't get to host Saturday Night Live soon, that's going to be an issue.

The day my love for Hiddles bloomed was when I saw him mimicking Owen Wilson. I was sold because it was spot on, and I could see how talented the actor was. But Wilson is far from the only celeb Hiddleston can do. He's got a wide range that even includes some animals. For example, he does a mean velociraptor impression. But what I love the most about Hiddleston is he often doesn't even try to mimic the actors. Most often he's just telling a story about Chris Evans or whoever and he just sort of falls into the voice as he's telling the story.

It's likely born out of his childhood fascination with imitating people he'd see on television. "I used to love doing impressions. I still do," Hiddleston has said. "Of everything. Commercials on TV, people reading the news … the weather girl."

So not only is Tom Hiddleston an amazing dancer, but he's an excellent impersonator. (It's just not that fair that he has so many talents and is also so handsome. Sigh.)

Here are 10 of his best ones for your enjoyment.


Tim Gunn on YouTube

You have to start with the one that introduced me to his skill.


Flicks And The City on YouTube

As Loki no less.


Denise Lela on YouTube

Spot on.


ODE on YouTube

To hear him do an Australian accent skip to 2:40.


Torrilla on YouTube

Listen to this classic impression at 35 seconds.


NarutoAOF on YouTube

Nailed it.


Fun fact: I had this video open in another tab and actually thought it was Christopher Walken talking until I clicked over.


Marajade419 on YouTube

Hiddleston did spend a lot of time with his four-legged buddy in War Horse so I guess he picked up a few sounds from him.


Lola Gomariz on YouTube

Hearing Yoda say badass is pretty badass.


feelingshare on YouTube

Hiddleston fully commits to this Jurassic Park impression, doing the dinosaur walk and everything. Check out it at 30 seconds.

I repeat, get this man on SNL, and do it ASAP.

Image: gifemotions