17 Glamorous Kesha Outfits That Prove Her Fashion-Forward Transformation Is Complete

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There are times in life when a bit of extra support goes a long way, and according to recent reports, resident outlandish pop star Kesha is plodding through an especially tough juncture. Kesha's announcement of her intent to sue producer Dr. Luke left fans and critics dumbfounded, more so when Kesha elaborated on the grounds for her charges: alleged sexual and verbal attacks. Though Dr. Luke responded with a lawsuit of his own against the singer, and the specific details of the harassment are few and far between, the "TiK ToK" performer deserves some unadulterated support from her enthusiasts as she moves forward with the lawsuit. And what better way to give the star an esteem boost than to celebrate her best sartorial moments on the red carpet? Though Kesha often favors daring getups and startling ensembles, the singer does devote the occasional appearance to sheer elegance. Read on for Kesha's most enchanting red carpet looks.

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