Hauntingly Beautiful Photographs of Abandoned Places

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I find abandoned places fascinating; as such, it probably comes as no surprise that my favorite type of photography features locations that have been left to their own devices for an indeterminate amount of time. I’ve mentioned before my theory that even though places may not be haunted by actual ghosts, if they’ve been around long enough, they’re haunted by their own history. Maybe that’s why I see such beauty in these types of photographs: Even through the decay, their subjects still hold a glimmer of what they once were.

Or maybe I’m just getting all artsy-fartsy about it.

In any event, even though I’m far too chickenshit to take up urban exploration myself, there are plenty of folks out there who are both A) more daring than I am, and B) much more skilled photographers than I am.

Just because they’re gone doesn’t mean they’re forgotten.

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