Miley Cyrus Explains Why She Did What She Did at the 2013 VMAs (Sort Of)

The creator of the foam finger isn't the only one who thinks Miley's corrupt: she would agree, as well. In an interview with NOTION magazine, Miley Cyrus talks about what it's like being a child star and offers advice to kids out there who aspire to follow a similar path. In what seems to be the most self-aware moment of her life so far, the pop star explained:

We're assuming the company she's referring to here is Disney not the foam finger manufacturers, but moving on.

Did Miley just basically tell us she's freaking out now, as an adult, because she spent her pre-teen years worrying whether or not Hannah Montana would bring in enough money to feed the hungry families of Disney executives? Is that what just happened?

If so, we'd like to go ahead and give our Miley a little bit of a break. Sure, her VMA performance was ridiculous, but guys! She's just being expressive after being oppressed for so long. She's just relaxing after having shouldered the income of a Fortune 500 company for the better half of a decade. She's just acting out now because she never could before.

In other words, she's just being Miley and in case you haven't heard, she can't stop, won't stop.

NOTION is on news stands now.