Our New Favorite Cat Hilariously Saves Us From Yet Another Woman Playing Ukelele On The Internet – VIDEO

This hilarious cat putting a stop to a woman's ukelele video session with a well-aimed leap is so simple and yet, so glorious. It's like the thing the internet loves most (cats) putting a hasty, cat-style stop to the thing the internet is most tired of (white girls with ukuleles). Bless this mess. That'll learn this broad for trying to share her "gift" with the world.

Oh, girls and their love of ukelele playing. They only thing girls love more than playing the ukelele is shopping for headbands and clipping out photos of male models from magazines called stuff like Victorian Era Costuming For Him and pasting them into the pages of their homemade journals. They dream of one day meeting a man called Reginald and have named their cat Mr. Darcy (who is appropriately aloof).

The more talented of these young ladies also likes to trill along to the aforementioned instrument with sickly-sweet songs of their own devising. Usually the lyrics are about fear, longing, sweetness, and angst. Sometimes hunger too, but sadly, only in a figurative sense. You know how they do. If you aren't familiar with cute broads singing cute songs, this is clearly your first day on the post-Deschanel internet, in which case, allow me to introduce you to YouTube, where you can find them a plenty.

This one girl was sharing a recent ukelele composition with the mostly-disinterested public when the cat she lives with decided the time had come to no longer hide her light under a bushel – enough with these treacle-laden tones! It is kitty's turn to shine! So, not even half a minute in to her performance, the cat was all "EVERYTHING'S COOOOMING UP ROSSSES!" She tackled the camera, eliciting the mother of all sassings from her owner.

SadieSunhome on YouTube

While sweet ukelele crooning is all well and good, this woman should clearly refocus her efforts onto something like ukulele-accompanied Death Metal. Did you hear her scream? It is the guttural bellow that everyone who owns a cat has at one point uttered and I, for one, would love to see it properly monetized. I myself made that noise just last night when my cat was like "WHAT ARE THESE PAINTINGS DOING ON THE WALL DON'T WORRY I WILL HELP" and it was 2:00am. To sum up, cats are hilarious and terrible and the world has enough cute girls wailing on ukes.

Image: Getty Images