Choupette Has Wall of iPads, a Cat Interpreter and Other Things We Learned From Her 'The Coveteur' Photoshoot

The Coveteur recently "interviewed" Karl Lagerfeld's precious kitty cat and the results are kind of depressing. Well, for humans anyway. Choupette has a nicer bedroom than most humans. She owns more iPads than a family of seven. And, oh yeah, she has her own line of Shu Uemera cosmetics. Oh, to be Karl Lagerfeld's cat!

So what do the most famous cat in the world's (sorry, Olivia Benson) living quarters look like? According to the Coveteur feature, Choupette has a vanity laden with her own beauty products, a Phillppe Starck chair to lounge on, a person-size bed, couch, and coffee tables (yup, plural) "covered in a spread of cat grass." One wall is even littered with "an animated gallery wall of iPads," all featuring glamour shots of the cat herself. So, yeah, you could say she's a little bit spoiled.

This is frankly insane. I mean, I grew up with cats and, as adorable as they are, they pretty much just nap in sun patches and eat and purr at you when they need affection. House cats are already living their best lives, if you ask me. There's no need to outfit them with human-like bedrooms and enough makeup to last five teenage girls a lifetime.

Surprisingly enough, Choupette's glam accommodations are not the most bizarre aspect of the Coveteur's feature on her. The most bizarre part is this: Choupette has her own "cat interpreter" (and the Weirdest Job award goes to...) who gave an interview on her behalf. She said things like this:

The idea [for the makeup line] was pretty simple: create a line that would embody my beauty, my personality, and me. You can have one AND the other! I need ultra-fashionable care and beauty products as well as makeup. Shu Uemura does all of this purrfectly. They developed the line in this spirit under my supervision.

Oh-kaay then. It's amazing to me that there are people who's job it is to basically pretend Choupette is a human. Like, she's an adorable cat and all, but this is just ridiculous. Now that I've officially killed any chances of ever working with Karl by insulting his cat-parenting ways, I think I'll leave you with this:

Also, this: "I never meow. Karl hates a cat that meows."