15 'Harry Potter' Tattoos For Every Aspiring Witch & Wizard

Breaking news: J.K. Rowling has had a lasting impact on the world. Harry Potter 's certainly stuck with a lot of people on an emotional and political level, and you know what that means: A lot of people have gotten tattoos inspired by it. A whole lot. A crapton.

Granted, if you survey the general population you're gonna find a lot of people who would tattoo themselves with just about anything, but Harry Potter tattoos remain a testament to something bigger. I have several I'm itching to go out and get right this second, and I know multiple people who have bonded over their shared geeky inkage at the beginning of lasting relationships. Harry Potter tattoos are awesome. Here are some great ones.

by Alanna Bennett

Phoenix Rising

Truly epic. The detail!

Image: Munkaspeni/Instagram

The Dementor & The Patronus

Beautiful, and kinda inspiring.

Image: freaks_n_geeks/Instagram

"For all the 'Harry Potter' fans out there who have stuck with Harry until the very end"

Bustle’s own Associate Entertainment Editor Samantha Rullo has this inscription from the dedication of Deathly Hallows inscribed on herself, like a boss (pardon the pun).

Image: misssamantharullo/Instagram

This Deer & A Deathly Hallows Symbol

So gorgeous.

Image: Marenvivien/Instagram

Deathly Hallows Doodle

One of the best things about Deathly Hallows tattoos is the versatility of those lines.

Image: Natashalee55/Instagram

Lightning Bolt Scar

A true classic.

Image: Luissanchezarce/Instagram

Harry and Voldemort Fighting Over Multiple Legs

Clever, super cute.

Image: Amazonlady/Instagram

Swirly Deathly Hallows

Like I said: Dem lines.

Image: Danielsuperradhanson/Instagram

Right At Your Fingers

Always good to keep your Harry Potter close at hand.

Image: Gabriella_Mozzarella


Cute, swift, fierce.

Image: Bckatz/Instagram

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good"

Gotta rep those Marauders.

Image: Lindseykocsik/Instagram

Watercolor Owl

So badass, and such cool colors.

Image: Simonaborstnar/Instagram

A Snitch Tucked Away

Again, the colors here are beautiful.

Image: Colorado_Yogafairy/Instagram

And a Snitch Peaking Out

That thing’s got a pretty epic wingspan.

Image: Mackenzie.91/Instagram

Deathly Hallows With A Weasley Flair

I believe I spot a Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes “W” within that sign.

Image: Lindseykocsik/Instagram