BuzzFeed’s “Life as a Twentysomething” Video Totally Nails It for Your 20s and Beyond

I’ve only got a few months left before I can no longer consider myself a 20-something, but it’s nice to know that everything isn’t going to change automatically as soon as the calendar ticks over. How do I know? Because BuzzFeed’s video representing life as a 20-something in graphs and charts looks like it’s going to be applicable no matter how old I am. Hoorah for familiarity, am I right?

Based off of a BuzzFeed post originally published back in February, “16 Graphs and Charts That Perfectly Illustrate Twentysomething Life,” the video brings a selection of those previously static charts to glorious, animated life. Not only that, but the more times I both watched it and re-read the original post, the more I realized that most of these conundrums plague everyone who even remotely considers themselves an adult — not just those fledging, fresh-out-of-college folks. I’m willing to bet money that most of us, for example, have had at least one month in our adult lives when the “Monthly Expenditures” expectation vs. reality chart (number two) ended up actually happening; that the majority of us do follow the distributing of gym-going illustrated in chart number five; and that pretty much all of us find our work productivity dropping dramatically at around the 4 p.m. mark.

Consider, too, the following highlights from the video:

What You Actually Do When You “Go to Bed”:

I would also add “alternately using your e-reader for its intended purpose and using it to surf the Internet.”

What Happens When You “Watch a Movie”:

This pitfall is particularly treacherous when “watching a movie” fits under the “Netflix” slice of the “going to bed” pie: Aaaaaaand it’s 3 a.m. and I’m still awake. Awesome.

People You Text:

Because clearly being a 20-something is just like being on the early seasons of How I Met Your Mother.

What Dating Is Like:

See that space between the two absolutely non-intersecting circles? That’s the area we usually label with “Bang head here. Repeatedly.”


And hey, all these things aside, which I’m sure I will continue to battle in a few months’ time, there’s also this: From what everyone tells me, your 30s are way better than your 20s. I already own at least one piece of furniture that isn’t made of particle board, so I might even have a jump-start on the whole thing. Go me!

Watch the full video below and commiserate with all your fellow adults:

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